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Title Performer Keyboard Year
Tabe Mien Laiverd Juul Meffert Tyros5 2022
Tabé-Tabé Toine Dejong Tyros2 2019
Tad Balei Chico Brasil PSR-3000 2005
Taivas Sylissani Jukka Vuon PSR-S950 2019
Tak abyste to vedela Bob K CVP301 2014
Tak nevím © Bob K PSR-S970 2019
Tak Pojd © Bob K PSR-S970 2018
Tak se tedy mej © Bob K PSR-S970 2019
Take A Chance On Me Clem Ebber CVP401 2013
Take Five Craig PSR-S950 2017
Take Good Care Of My Baby Dave Church Tyros3 2013
Take Good Care of My Baby Roy Beardmore Tyros5 2017
Take It Easy Craig PSR-S950 2019
Take It To The Limit Nick Van Zutphen Tyros4 2017
Take Me Home (from One From The Heart) Roy Beardmore Tyros5 2022
Take Me Home Country Road Ken Toone CVP605 2015
Take Me To Your World (vocal) Lynn Rae Couch PSR-S900 2014
Take On Me Pedro Eleuterio Tyros3 2013
Take The Long Way Home Craig PSR-S950 2017
Take The Money And Run Craig PSR-S950 2022
Take These Chains Nick Van Zutphen PSR-S970 2019
Take These Chains From My Heart (vocal) John Phillips Tyros4 2015
Take Your Memory With You When You Go (vocal) Lynn Rae Couch PSR-S900 2013
Tammy Patricia Jacobsen PSR-S710 2012
Tammy Del Kay Tyros4 2015
Tammy (vocal) Lynn Rae Couch PSR-S900 2014
Tangerine Alex Green Tyros4 2011
Tangerine Neal Saunders Tyros3 2011
Tangerine Larry Tyler PSR-S975 2019
Tango 2017 © Ernie Mulder PSR-S950 2017
Tango 2018 © Ernie Mulder PSR-S950 2018
Tango Flamenco 1 © Ryszard Bieszczad Tyros4 2019
Tango Medley-La Cumparsita and Adios Muchachos Gabriel Schuck PSR-S910 2021
Tango Of Roses Roger Brenizer Tyros4 2016
Tango Salon © Ryszard Bieszczad Tyros4 2019
Tango to EvoraFerdinando MontecuolloPSR-SX7002022
Tanze mit mir in den morgen Toine Dejong Tyros2 2019
Tanzen Mocht Ich John Vishnoff Tyros2 2010
Tar And Cement Nick Van Zutphen Tyros4 2019
Tara's ThemeDave LaplanteTyros42022
Tarantella Ernesto © Ernie Mulder PSR-S950 2018
A Taste Of Honey Patricia Harman Tyros3 2011
A Taste Of Honey Peter Gasser PSR-S900 2012
A Taste Of Honey Judy Short PSR-S900 2013
Taxi Theme Craig PSR-S950 2019
Te Llamo Para Despedirme Julio Cazes PSR-S900 2008
Tea For Two Joseph Hart PSR-S910 2011
Tea For Two Bob K CVP301 2013
Tea for Two Deane Peters CVP809 2017
Tea For Two Stan Croff Tyros4 2019
Tea For Two Jim Laing CVP809 2020
Tea For Two (vocal) Osvaldo De Souza Tyros4 2012
Teach Me Tonight (vocal) Larry Tyler PSR-SX900 2020
Teach Your Children Nick Van Zutphen Tyros4 2020
Tears In Heaven Ernie Mulder Korg PA4X 2022
Tears In Heaven (vocal) Udo Becker Tyros5 2014
Tears On My Pillow Vince Andreone Tyros1 2009
Technotes © Nick Van Zutphen Tyros4 2020
Teddy Bear Nick Van Zutphen Tyros4 2020
Teddy Bear (vocal) Udo Becker Tyros3 2012
Telephone Line Craig PSR-S950 2021
Telstar Roy Beardmore Tyros5 2022
Telstar Peter Gasser PSR-S900 2011
Telstar Nick Van Zutphen Tyros4 2017
TelStar Norman Fernandez PSR-S770 2018
Telstar Toine Dejong Tyros2 2020
Tempus Fugit © Toril Susegg Tyros5 2019
Ten Guitars Marie Alicata PSR-S970 2020
Tenderly David Laplante Tyros3 2010
Teneesse Waltz Leo Dunne PSR-9000 2019
Tennesse Waltz Marie Alicata PSR-S970 2020
Tennessee Christmas Larry Tyler PSR-S975 2018
Tennessee Waltz Toine Dejong Tyros2 2019
Tennessey Waltz Jack Williamson PSR-S910 2015
Tequila Sunrise Craig PSR-S950 2019
Tequila Sunrise Nick Van Zutphen PSR-S970 2020
Tequila Sunrise (vocal) Mike Cyr Tyros5 2015
Tere Mast Mast Do Nain (Dabaang) Manoj Yarashi PSR-S710 2012
Texas State Of Mind Janet Griffin Tyros3 2011
Thank God Im A Country Boy (vocal) Jerry Ernst PSR-3000 2009
Thank Heaven For Little Girls..Go Away L Girl Peter Gasser Tyros4 2014
Thank You © Chico Brasil PSR-S900 2008
Thanks For The Memories Jack Williamson PSR-S910 2015
That Lucky Old Sun (vocal) Ton Anthonie Tyros4 2013
That Old Black Magic Judy Short Tyros4 2013
That Old Black Magic Frank Filipo PSR-3000 2015
That Old Gang Of Mine Alex Green Tyros4 2011
That Sunday Larry Tyler PSR-SX900 2020
That's All Michael Szmania PSR-S910 2011
That's All Ken Stenzel Tyros4 2011
That's All Larry Tyler PSR-SX900 2020
That's All (vocal) Judy Short Tyros4 2013
That's All (vocal) Gary Diamond PSR-S950 2013
That's Amore Patricia Jacobsen PSR-S710 2012
That's Amore Jim Laing CVP809 2019
That's The Way Love Goes (vocal) Mark Dew PSR-S975 2019
That's The Way Of The World Craig PSR-S950 2017
That's What Friends Are ForKhaw Hock LyePSR-SX9002023
That's What Friends Are For Larry Tyler Tyros5 2017
That's What Friends Are For (vocal) Torben Goldin Tyros5 2015
That's What Jesus Means To Me Roger Brenizer Tyros4 2014
The ModelJim MatthewsPSR-SX9002022
Them That Got Eddie Shoemaker PSR-3000 2010
Them There Eyes Jon Davis Tyros5 2020
Theme From A Summer PlaceKhaw Hock LyePSR-SX9002023
Theme From Sand Pebbles Michael Szmania PSR-S910 2011
Then I Kissed Her Roy Beardmore Tyros5 2021
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye Roger Brenizer Tyros4 2020
There Goes My Everything Jack Williamson PSR-S910 2015
There Goes My Heart Dave Laplante Tyros4 2022
There I Said It Again Royce Mosgrove PSR-S975 2020
There I've Said It Again Jack Williamson PSR-S910 2016
There I've Said It Again Larry Tyler PSR-SX900 2021
There Is A Tear In My Beer John Vishnoff Tyros2 2010
There Is Love Nick Van Zutphen Tyros4 2019
There Is Noting Like A Dame Frank Filipo PSR-3000 2015
There Is Power Janet Griffin Tyros3 2011
There Will Never Be Another You Larry Tyler Tyros5 2017
There`s No Reason In The World Jim Matthews PSR-SX900 2021
There, I've Said It Again Jon Davis Tyros5 2020
There'll Be Some Changes Made Royce Mosgrove PSR-S910 2012
There's A Kind Of Hush Joe Waters PSR-2000 2005
There's A Kind Of Hush Patricia Jacobsen PSR-S710 2012
There's A Kind Of Hush Bob McKinney Tyros4 2014
There's A Kind of Hush Craig PSR-S950 2021
There's A Pawn Shop On The Corner In Pittsburg PA (vocal) Ton Anthonie Tyros4 2013
There's A Song In The Air Roger Brenizer Tyros4 2021
There's Always Me Leo Dunne PSR-9000 2019
There's No Place Like Home (vocal) Marie Alicata PSR-3000 2020
There's No Place Like Home (vocal) Larry Tyler PSR-SX900 2020
There's Something About That Name Gary Kilby PSR-3000 2010
Thereses Waltz © Nick Van Zutphen Tyros4 2016
These Boots Are Made For Walking Nick Van Zutphen PSR-S970 2021
These Foolish Things Joe Waters PSR-2000 2005
These Foolish Things Hermann Schunk Tyros2 2010
These Foolish Things Larry Tyler Tyros5 2017
These Foolish Things (vocal) Torben Goldin Tyros5 2015
They All Laughed Larry Tyler PSR-SX900 2020
They Call Me The Breeze (vocal) Udo Becker Tyros5 2016
They Can't Take That Away From MeKeith SimpsonPSR-SX7002023
They Can't Take That Away From Me Stephen Molnar PSR-S910 2009
They Didn't Believe MeKeith SimpsonPSR-SX7002023
Thieving Magpie Chris Bell Tyros2 2011
A Thing Called Love (v) Larry Tyler PSR-S975 2019
ThingsLarry TylerPSR-SX9002023
Things (We Used To Do) Richard Kent PSR-S950 2022
Think Of Laura Craig PSR-S950 2019
Think Of Me Jim Laing CVP809 2020
Think Out Loud Pedro Eleuterio CVP809 2018
Think Twice Jim Matthews PSR-SX900 2022
Third Man Theme Jack Williamson PSR-S910 2017
This Boy Norman Fernandez PSR-S770 2018
This Boy (vocal) Mike Cyr Tyros5 2015
This Can't Be Love Larry Tyler Tyros5 2017
This Could Be The Start Of Something Big (vocal) Larry Tyler PSR-S975 2018
This Diamond Ring Craig PSR-S950 2017
This Guy's In Love With YouKeith SimpsonPSR-SX7002024
This Guy's In Love With You Chuck Hunt Tyros2 2011
This Is All I Ask Larry Tyler PSR-S970 2018
This Is The Day © Toril Susegg Tyros5 2019
This Land Is My Land (vocal) Jerry Ernst PSR-3000 2009
This Land Is Your Land Nick Van Zutphen Tyros4 2018
This Magic Moment Craig PSR-S950 2017
This Magic Moment (vocal) Larry Tyler Tyros5 2017
This Masquerade Don Valentine Tyros4 2015
This Masquerade (vocal) Larry Tyler Tyros5 2016
This One's for You Craig PSR-S950 2017
Thornbirds Patricia Harman Tyros4 2012
A Thousand Love Songs (vocal) John Phillips Tyros4 2015
A Thousand Years Pedro Eleuterio CVP809 2018
ThrillerKhaw Hock LyePSR-SX9002023
Thriller (vocal) Gary Diamond PSR-S950 2013
Through The Eyes Of Love Jerry Ernst PSR-3000 2012
Throw Off The Granite © Andrey Gusev Tyros5 2021
Thump © Bob Coate PSR-SX900 2021
Thunderball Peter Gasser Tyros4 2017
Ticha noc, svata noc (Silent Night, Holy Night) Bob K CVP301 2021
Ticket To Ride Sergio Covarrubias PSR-S970 2019
Ticket To Ride Nick Van Zutphen PSR-S970 2019
Tico Tico Judy Short Tyros4 2013
Tico Tico Bob McKinney Tyros5 2015
Tie A Yellow Ribbon Grant Cantrill PSR-S550B 2013
Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree Jack Williamson PSR-S910 2015
Tiger By The Tail (vocal) Larry Tyler PSR-SX900 2022
Tightrope Jim Matthews PSR-SX900 2021
Tijuana Taxi Lynn Rae Couch PSR-S900 2012
Tijuana Taxi Toine Dejong Tyros2 2019
Tijuana Taxi Larry Tyler PSR-SX900 2020
Tijuana Taxi Marie Alicata PSR-S970 2021
Til I Hear You Sing Eileen Lowry Tyros4 2012
Til I Hear You Sing Torben Goldin Tyros4 2013
Til There Was You (vocal) Mike Cyr Tyros5 2015
Till (vocal) Alan Rosenberg Genos 2022
Till Patricia Jacobsen PSR-S710 2012
Till The Storm Passes By (vocal) Diane Villafane PSR-S900 2011
Till Then Larry Tyler PSR-SX900 2020
Till There Was You Joe Waters PSR-2000 2005
Till There Was You Marcelo Gaspar PSR-3000 2008
Till There Was You Jim Laing CVP809 2020
Time After Time Craig PSR-S950 2018
A Time For Love (Wes clarinet) Larry Tyler Tyros5 2017
A Time For Us (Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet) Craig PSR-S950 2019
Time In A Bottle (vocal) Udo Becker Tyros3 2013
Time Is Tight Torben Goldin Tyros4 2013
Time Is Tight Jim Laing CVP809 2019
Time Is Tight Ernie Mulder PSR-S950 2021
Time To Say Goodbye Chris Bell PSR-3000 2007
Time To Say Goodbye Sergio Covarrubias PSR-S970 2019
Time To Say Goodbye Nick Van Zutphen Tyros4 2019
Tin Roof Blues Ron Jubenville Tyros4 2016
Tip Toe Through The Tulips Patricia Jacobsen PSR-S710 2013
Tip Toe Through The Tulips Roy Beardmore Tyros5 2020
The Tips Of My Fingers (vocal) Lynn Rae Couch PSR-S900 2014
Tired of Waiting for You Craig PSR-S950 2017
Tiroler 2017 Ernie Mulder PSR-S950 2017
A Tisket A Tasket (vocal) Larry Tyler PSR-SX900 2020
Titanic Theme Nick Van Zutphen Tyros4 2017
Titanium Peter Gasser Tyros4 2017
To All The Girls I've Loved Before Larry Tyler PSR-SX900 2021
To Each His Own Alan Paganelli Tyros1 2008
To Je Krasa © Bob K PSR-S970 2018
To Know Him Is To Love Him John Phillips Tyros4 2014
To Know Know Know You Nick Van Zutphen PSR-S970 2017
To Love Again Pauline Zuzze Tyros2 2010
To Love Sombody Nick Van Zutphen PSR-S970 2019
To Love Somebody Craig PSR-S950 2017
To Love Somebody Craig PSR-S950 2019
To Make You Feel My Love Peter Gasser Tyros4 2017
To Make You Feel My Love Ernie Mulder PSR-S950 2020
To Me Larry Tyler PSR-SX900 2021
To My Friends © Jannie Kroese Tyros2 2010
To se pocita © Bob K PSR-S970 2019
To The Shady Woods Alan Clare PSR-S970 2020
Today I Started Loving You Again (vocal) Jerry Ernst PSR-3000 2011
Today Is Mine (vocal) Mike Cyr Tyros5 2015
Together Again (vocal) Lynn Rae Couch Tyros4 2012
Together Wherever We Go Eileen Lowry Tyros4 2013
Tom Dooley Steen Smollerup Rasmussen PSR-S910 2013
Tonight Patricia Jacobsen PSR-S710 2013
Tonight Frank Filipo PSR-3000 2015
Tonight West Side Story Craig PSR-S950 2019
Too Cold At Home (vocal) Mark Dew Tyros5 2019
Too Late Now Joe Waters PSR-2000 2005
Too Much HeavenCraig PSR-S9502022
Too Much Heaven Torben Goldin Tyros4 2013
Too Young (vocal) Ton Anthonie Tyros4 2013
Top Gun Craig PSR-S950 2018
Top Of The Morning Gary Coupe PSR-2100 2011
Top Of The WorldKhaw Hock LyePSR-SX9002023
Top Of The World Grant Cantrill PSR-S950 2014
Top Of The World Ken Toone CVP605 2015
Top Of The World Mike Cyr Tyros5 2015
Top of the World Ernie Mulder PSR-S950 2017
Top Of The World Toril Susegg CVP809 2020
Top Of The World (vocal) Larry Tyler PSR-S975 2019
Toreador March Mike Clarke PSR-S900 2011
Toril's Lullaby © Toril Susegg CVP809 2019
Toril's RockChaCha © Toril Susegg PSR-2100 2018
Toril's Tango © Toril Susegg PSR-2100 2018
Total Praise (vocal) Diane Villafane PSR-S900 2011
Touch Me in the Morning Craig PSR-S950 2021
The Touch Of Your Lips Dave Edwards PSR-3000 2014
Towards The Sea Toril Susegg PSR-S975 2020
Toyland Deane Peters PSR-SX900 2020
Traces Larry Tyler Tyros5 2017
Trains And Boats And Planes Nick Van Zutphen Tyros4 2018
Traumerei Torben Goldin Tyros4 2013
Travelling ©Nick Van ZutphenTyros42023
Trav'lin' © Laura Remson Mitchell PSR-740 2012
Treat Me Like a Lady v © Marie Alicata PSR-S970 2019
The Trees (Rush) Janet Griffin CVP809 2017
Tribute To Duran Duran Peter Gasser Tyros4 2017
Tribute to Roy Orbison Peter Gasser Tyros4 2017
Tricks Of The Light Gary Coupe PSR-2100 2008
Trip Hop Kenny © James Gracey Tyros2 2010
Trip Hop2 © Chris Easdown Tyros5 2020
Triste (Wes,flute)Larry TylerPSR-SX9002023
Tristeza de nós dois Chico Brasil PSR-3000 2004
Tristezza Marie Alicata PSR-S970 2020
Tritesse © Chico Brasil PSR-3000 2005
The Troll's Stomp Dance © Toril Susegg CVP809 2020
Trolley Song Frank Filipo PSR-3000 2015
Trompeten Echo Juul Meffert Tyros5 2022
True Peter Gasser Tyros4 2017
True Blue © Laura Remson Mitchell PSR-740 2012
True LoveErnie MulderKorg PA4X2023
True Love Neal Saunders Tyros3 2012
True Love Bill McCracken PSR-S710 2014
True Love Leo Dunne PSR-9000 2019
True Love Ways Larry Tyler Tyros5 2016
True Love Ways Craig PSR-S950 2017
True Love Ways Jon Davis Tyros5 2020
Truly, Madly, DeeplyKhaw Hock LyePSR-SX9002023
Trumpet Jazz Swing © Jannie Kroese Tyros2 2010
Try A Little Kindness Nick Van Zutphen Tyros4 2019
Try A Little Tenderness Deane Peters Tyros4 2012
Try A Little Tenderness (vocal) Rocco Noschese Tyros4 2012
Try A Little Tenderness (vocal) Larry Tyler PSR-S975 2018
Try To Remember Larry Tyler PSR-SX900 2021
Tulips From Amsterdam Nick Van Zutphen Tyros4 2019
Tulpen uit Amsterdam Toine Dejong Tyros2 2019
Tulsa © Ernie Mulder PSR-S950 2018
Tum Hi Ho Manoj Yarashi PSR-S710 2013
Tum Se Hi (Jab We Met) Manoj Yarashi PSR-S710 2012
Tumbling Tumbleweeds (vocal) Larry Tyler Tyros5 2017
Turn Around (vocal) Mike Cyr Tyros5 2015
Turn Me On Roy Beardmore Tyros5 2019
Turn Out The Light Warren Peters PSR-3000 2009
Turn Turn Turn Nick Van Zutphen PSR-S970 2018
Tussen Het Riet Juul Meffert Tyros5 2022
Tuxedo Junction Bill Venice Tyros3 2009
Tuxedo Junction Stephen Molnar Tyros4 2010
Tuxedo Junction Royce Mosgrove PSR-S975 2021
Twee Reebruine Ogen Juul Meffert Tyros5 2022
The Twelfth Of Never Toril Susegg PSR-S975 2019
The Twelfth of Never Larry Tyler PSR-SX900 2021
Twilight Magic Eileen Lowry Tyros3 2009
Twilight Time Roy Beardmore Tyros5 2022
Twilight Time Hermann Schunk Tyros2 2010
Twilight Time Jack Williamson PSR-S910 2015
Twilight Time (vocal) Lynn Rae Couch PSR-S900 2013
Twisting The Night Away Craig PSR-S950 2017
Too Beautiful To Last Jim Matthews PSR-SX900 2022
Two Cigarettes in the Dark Michael Szmania PSR-S910 2009
Two Different Worlds Larry Tyler Tyros5 2016
Two Front Teeth (vocal) Mike Hackworth Tyros4 2020
Two Gitaren Toine Dejong Tyros2 2019
Two Step Too Gary Diamond PSR-3000 2011
Two Summers Jim Matthews PSR-SX900 2022
Two Tickets To Georgia (AniFantasy) Roger Brenizer Tyros4 2016
Two Tickets To Georgia (SwingFoxtrot) Roger Brenizer Tyros4 2016
Two Young Lovers Ernie Mulder PSR-S950 2017
The Typewriter Roy Beardmore Tyros5 2021
Tyroler Polka Toine Dejong Tyros2 2019


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