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Across The Universe © (10/11)
Genos - Score - Story

On & On (v-Warren) (5/9) Genos

The Blue Grasshoppers Waltz ©
(3/21) Genos. Score

The Landscape of Dreams ©
(1/18) Genos. Score

The BlueFish and the Robin ©
(10/31) Genos

The Fool On The Hill (10/31) Genos

My Musical Journey

(October, 2019) Mark has been involved with synthesizers and music since the 60's. Originally from Boston, he worked for two of the pioneering synthesizer manufactors, ARP and MOOG. He played in several bands, did commercial and soundtrack work, and produced and engineered at two of Boston’s first 24-track studios. Mark worked and toured with Todd Rundgren and Utopia throughout Europe, Canada and the USA. He was composer in residence at University of Massachusetts electronic media center.

In the 80’s, Mark moved to New York city continuing soundtrack work, producing acts for independent record labels. He did music for the 1982 World’s Fair and worked at Voyetra, creating the first commercial sequencing software for PC's.

In the mid 80's, Mark became vice-president of special projects at DISCONET. Working with original 2-track masters, Mark added percussion and synthesizer parts to many disco classics. Cutting/splicing and adding sections to make 8 - 15 minute extended versions for DJ’s to play in Clubs.

Mark has also composed more than two albums worth of material for 'OMNI MUSIC' one of the top music library services in the US. He also had an album of New Age music released, Solestas on Periodic Music. He has done numerous productions for NYC multi-media companies, and HBO. He has continued to the present working and creating music of all types for a variety of clients.

Already familiar with Band-in-a-Box, Mark graduated to his first arranger keyboard, the Tyros 3. He graduated through Tyros 4 - 5 to the current Genos. He uses arranger keyboards as compositional tools. Working with Logic Pro, he developed an elaborate process of syncing Genos to his digital audio workstation (DAW) and adding as many additional tracks in different styles as desired.

He uses the Style Generated parts as departure points for further development. Since each track is recorded into his DAW separately, and then manipulated; a part may consist of various MAINS from several styles. Loading Genos Style generated parts into his DAW Score Editor, he learned more playing techniques. His later pieces use primarily the Genos, but also Kontakt and UVI sound libraries, and various virtual instruments.

The GENOS remains the center piece of his home studio.

Be sure to visit Mark on his myspace page.

Mark's MP3 Song Index

Mark's songs are listed alphabetically by song title. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download the song. Songs recorded on the Tyrosr (T4) or the Genos (G1).

Across The Universe © (G1)

Age of Wisdom © (G1)

Any Day Now (T4)

Beyond The Clouds © (G1)

The Blue Fish and the Robin © (G1)

The Blue Grasshoppers Waltz © (G1)

Can We Still Be Friends Reggae (T4)

Caribbean Queen (T4)

Crush (T4)

Drive (T4)

Fool If You Think It's Over (T4)

The Fool On The Hill (G1)

Here Comes The Sun (G1)

If You Don't Know Me (vocal) (T4)

It's A Family Affair (T4)

Itchycoo Park (T4)

Just One Look (T4)

The Landscape of Dreams © (G1)

Let's Stay Together (T4)

Linear Heritage © (T5)

The Looking Glass © (T4)

On & On (v-Warren) (G1)

The Orchard Lounge © (G1)

The Outer Realms © (G1)

Penny Lane (T4)

The Pleasure Of Your Smile © (T4)

The Secret Doctrine © (T4)

A Shade Of Truth © (T4)

Shades of Indigo © (T5)

Snowflakes © (T5)

The Spectral Forest © (T4)

The Straits of Capri © (G1)

The Sunflower And The Dragon Fly © (G1)

Superstar (T4)

The Waiting Room © (G1)

Without You (T4)

You Make Me Feel Brand New (T4)