Are you handy with tools other than your keyboard? Here are some projects you may find interesting and want to undertake for your music studio.

Date Article Author Summary
1/10/03 Music Rack Phil Hall If you hit that keyboard hard enough, you may find your music rack bounding right out of its holder. Phil Hall explains how he expanded his music rack and added stability.
2/22/04 Replace Floppy Drive Bill Grosse That floppy drive not reading disks anymore? Maybe it's time to replace it. It's not that difficult a task. You can put a new floppy in yourself.
7/21/04 Keyboard Stand Bob Durham Are you handy with tools? Take a look at the stand Bob Durham built and see if it doesn't give you some ideas of your own.
9/18/04 Speaker Stands Gary Diamond Gary provides some step-by-step instructions on how to build appropriate speaker stands for the Logitech Z2200 Sound System.
12/12/04 Logitech Z-5500 Gary Diamond You, too, can sound like a pro -- just strengthen your engine room -- your left-hand chords.
2/19/05 Mixer Rack Gary Diamond There may be gigs where you need to have a mixer handy by your keyboard. Gary shows a possible solution to accomodating this extra gear.
2/22/05 Laptop Platform Gary Diamond If you're having serious thoughts about adding a laptop to your stage setup, here's an inexpensive way to make a professional-looking laptop platform.
11/28/05 T2 Hard Drive Install Bill Grosse Tyros2 owners may be anxious to install a hard drive in their keyboard. Bill provides a pictorial guide to the installation steps.
12/4/05 T2 Memory Install Bill Grosse Do you need extra memory in your Tyros2? Bill explains what the extra memory is for and how to install it.
2/4/06 Warren's Z-5500 Warren Peters Warren has acquired the Z-5500 speakers for his gigs. Here's a pictorial essay on how he hooked them up.
3/4/09 POZ-P1 Speaker System H. Posey Pose shows how to modify the Z-5500 to build a super-pro sound system.
3/4/09 POZ-P II Speaker System H. Posey Even better than the P1, this system has larger speakers and a vertical cabinet.
1/31/10 3k Contact Strip Replacement Alan Davis Jr. Have you lost one or more notes? May be time to replace those contact strips!
6/26/12 S910 Contact Strips Vince Cochran Sometimes key problems can be solved by cleaning the contact strips. Here is a look at these strips inside a PSR S910.

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