Learning to operate the PSR or Tyros is a challenge in many ways, not the least of which is actually playing music! Here are some hints new users may find useful in tackling the "playing music" side of the learning curve and some other useful articles.

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5/21 - Styles from Scratch, by Dave McEwen. I wanted to see if I could develop my own style that would pack enough pieces together to serve several similar songs. Using the PSR Tutorial site resources as well as the Yamaha manuals, this is how I was able to do just that.

7/19 - A History of Yamaha Keyboard Voices, by Onacimus Sayaham. Here is a broad overview of the history of Yamaha keyboard voices from the PSR-730 onwards. Detailed Excel spreadsheets document the voices and their specific parameters.

6/19 - Some Tips About Icons in PSR-S970, by Onacimus Sayaham. You may already know that you can change the icon displayed for the various files in your PSR-S970 (and S975). But did you know that there are many more icons available for your use?

10/18 - Replacing Unknown OTS Voices, by Onacimus Sayaham. If you have ever loaded a style from a keyboard newer than your own, you may have encountered OTS settings with "unknown" voices. Onacimus provides some tips on how to determine the missing voice and replace it with one from your own keyboard.

08/18 - MFC10 and PSR-S Keyboards, by psr4ever. This is an updated and expanded version of an article done in May of this year. This version provides a more detailed tutorial on how to use your MFC10 midi controller with the PSR-S970 and other PSR-S model keyboards.

08/18 - SysEx of Insertion Effects for Voices of Tyros5 When Used in DAW, by Andrey Gusev. Here is a detailed explanation of how you can create and use System Exclusive (SysEx) messages for calling the preset Tyros5 voices in a DAW such as SONAR.

02/16 - MuseScore Software, by Roger Brenizer. Roger provides links to this open-source software as well as two quick start guides for creating a lead sheet from a midi file or a pdf file.

01/16 - Lead Sheet from Midi File, by Graham Crosby. If you can find a midi file, you can make a lead sheet using Notation Software's NotationMusician or NotationComposer. Graham UK provides simple step-by-step instructions.

12/15 - Christmas Sing-Along for Tyros4, by Fred Smith. The Christmas Sing-Along Collection is a set of 61 Christmas favorites, complete with sheet music, song (midi) files and lyrics. The files are designed for someone who plays busker style (chords in the left hand, melody in the right).

12/13 - Techniques for Creating, Editing, and Using Multi Pads, by Joe Hlifka. The focus of this tutorial is on using Multi Pads in registrations as a principal method to arrange contemporary Dance music, which often incorporates many musical transitions throughout a song.

10/13 - S950 External Sound System, by Frank Jagdis. Frank discusses things you may want to consider in building an external sound system for the PSR-S950.

06/10 - Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano, by Mike Feechan. Mike provides his take on the Yamaha CP33 digital stage piano, which he uses with his PSR-3000.

11/09 - Ideas for Marketing Yourself, by Gary Diamond. Gary offers a number of pointers to help performers book more gigs.

11/07 - A Vocal Harmony Primer, by Dan Rymut. Dan provides some great tips and insight on how to best use the Vocal Harmony feature.

09/07 - How to Use NRPN in Your Sequencer, by William Grosse. This articles explains how Non Registered Parameter Numbers (NRPN) are found, assembled and entered into a variety of sequencers to modify the output from Yamaha PSR keyboards.

09/05 - Batch Conversions with MidiPlayer, by Dennis Hooker. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use MidiPlayerView to do batch conversions of styles adjust them for your keyboard.

06/05 - The Engine Room, by Dave Edwards. You, too, can sound like a pro -- just strengthen your engine room -- your left-hand chords.

05/05 - How to Add Lyrics via PSRUTI, by Larry Hawk. If you'd like to add lyrics to your midi songs, here are some step-by-step instructions on how to do so using PSRUTI.

03/05 - The MFC10 Controller Meets the PSR-3000 Keyboard, by Brian Cowell. This lesson is all about making the most of the MFC10 for PSR-3000 owners.

11/04 - Creating Large Arrangements without Using Styles, by Chris Bell. Ever want to put together a complete orchestration from a score with you playing all the parts? Chris Bell has done that and he provides some pointers.

12/03 - Organizing Your Styles, by Scott Langholff. Are you drowning in style overload? Scott Langolff provides some suggestions on how you might organize your style files.

09/02 - Keeping Accurate Time, by Richard Peck. Timing is often critical to a good performance. Richard Peck offers some pointers for new users on how they can get the time right.

09/02 - Counting Out Loud, by Joe Waters. Associated with timing is counting: 1, 2, 3 – 1, 2, 3. Here are some counting techniques to master complex melodies.

09/02 - Combining Voices on the PSR, by Richard Peck. How do you combine different preset voices to come up with a pleasing sound? Here are some pointers from Richard Peck.

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