Author Topic: Yamaha PSR S910 Button select problems and led issues  (Read 763 times)

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Yamaha PSR S910 Button select problems and led issues
« on: March 25, 2024, 04:46:36 PM »

I'm hoping somebody can help me with my Yamaha PSR S910. It's recently developed a problem.

There's an issue with the buttons, for example, if I press the H button next to the display, instead of playing the voice associated with H it brings up the internet connect page as if I pressed the internet button.
This issue happens with various other buttons, I can press a certain button and it will do something else as if I've pressed another button

Also on the registration memory, two of the buttons are dimly lit, if I press the registration memory all the buttons light up brightly but when it's off, two are dim.

My main concern is the buttons issue.

It has been like this for approx 2 weeks, I did a settings reset over the weekend which made the issue intermittent but still there. I did a full factory reset this morning, the issued came back then I turned it off for a couple of hours. Been playing it now for about 30 minutes and it seems okay at the moment.

I'd greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer please.

Many thanks

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Re: Yamaha PSR S910 Button select problems and led issues
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2024, 07:44:03 PM »
Your buttons are dirty, or at least the contacts are. In some instances, you can clean them with a Q-Tip lightly moistened  with Alcohol, or dry, but some are hermetically sealed and you have to replace those. They are not expensive, but the process is some lengthy and tedious, particularly if you do not poses any degree of electro/mechanical repair knowledge or experience. If this is the case, take the keyboard to an authorized repair center and have them do it for you.

Good Luck,

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