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Pitch bend at MFC10 to Genos

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I 'm looking for an instruction, how to use Pitch bend function with  foot regulator of MFC10. The setting for Pitch Bend is explained in MFC10 operation manual, but I couln't find any settings for external foot controler on Genos (2) Midi-Interface. Is anybody there with a solution?
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the PSR Tutorial Forum, jogger165!

You can find the settings for a connected external MIDI foot controller such as the MFC10 in “Menu > MIDI > External Controller” on the Genos.

The most important settings there are the MIDI Port used (depending on whether the MIDI OUT is connected to the Genos MIDI A IN or B IN) and the MIDI Channel (the Transmit channel set on the MFC10).

If you haven't already, please first read the chapter "External Controller—MIDI Controller Setting" in the Genos Reference Manual, pages 148 - 151. This should help you.

If you don't have the Reference Manual yet, you can download it here:

Best regards,

Rick D.:

I was not able to get the foot pedal of the MFC10n to work with pitch bend.

Here is a link to the MFC10 Manual if you don't have it. Maybe you can figure it out.

I ended up using FC-7 pedal for pitch bend.

Let us know if you get it to work with MFC10 pedal.

Rick D.

This effect works very well with a pedal connected to the Genos sockets, adjusting it as you wish. What's more, it can be integrated into a registration, so you can reprogram the same pedal with another effect on the next registration ...

Rick D.:

The OP is trying to get pitch bend to work with the pedal that is part of the MFC10.

As mentioned above, I use an FC-7 separate pedal to control pitch bend thru the Genos.

Rick D.


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