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Advice from the DGX forum team....
« on: November 18, 2023, 07:05:50 PM »
Hello DGX lovers, need your expertise.

 I'm building context to help me make my next Yamaha purchase decision (12 to 24 months) and the DGX has made my shortlist as a potential replacement to my old faithful and heavy P-200. 
The goal is to anchor my solution with an 88 GHS (at least) as a foundation and augment/complement it with another Yamaha keyboard (61) to build out a dream "play for my own enjoyment" home music room (include a 61 as a second manual via 5-pin DIN midi).  All while staying under $3000 U.S. (new equipment).

The DGX made the shortlist because after researching the other CLPs and P-5xx other weighted action boards from Yamaha I could not justify the cost of the other actions when the GHS action is all I need.
The DGX also includes VRM which is hard to find on other Yamaha products(Montage8/Montage 8x, CP/CK/YC.  (although I'm not stuck on VRM or Piano Room I do value the unique sound it provides for Piano).

The hybrid of joining the DGX to a 61 KB brought me the first speed bump.  Since the DGX does not natively support 5-pin DIN Midi in/out it seems that I may require some form of optional external USB to midi interface/adapter to build the legacy 5-pin DINs (I don't want to have to use a computer for this).  Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that the DGX supports at least two splits which would be sufficient for three zones.  Would like to be able to assign any MIDI channel to the zones to output over MIDI to trigger the 2nd keyboard tone generators of those channels. Or maybe there is a clever way to attach a second KB via USB that I haven't yet rapped my head around.   Ideas here?

Thoughts on the DGX attached to a second MIDI keyboard?

Not in the market for a Genos or Genos2 (overkill) since I already own a Tyros4 which in itself would duplicate and/oror complement the DGX in multiple respects.  The Control surface (faders/knobs) and registration sequencing of the Tyros/Genos are hard features to move away from.  I do know that the DGX supports Registration Banks of four each but they are not sequencable via aux pedal input :(

Another option is to ditch the Tyros and use a Montage 61 or Montage m61 which does include the control surfaces as well as sequencable user-definable scenes(registration banks) while leveraging the 1000s of built-in arpeggio pattern (roll your own Arranger "like" styles).

Sadly, neither the DGX, Genos, Tyros, or Montage (or m series) include the Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM Rotary) which is a very attractive feature over the included rotary DSP effects.  Would like controls over the crossover, ramp up/down speeds of the Rotary speaker drum and horn.  Maybe the YC-61 as the second board with the DGX would be a good match-up with the DGX. (waterfall keybed, VCM Rotary etc.)? 
Thoughts on VCM Rotary choices and overall direction?

Budget: <=$3000 Total -  $850 (DGX) + (<=$2000) for "other" Yamaha 61 product.
Is there an "affordable" DGX like 88 with integrated VCM Rotary in the line up yet?

However unlikely, one could hope that VCM Rotary could/would be added to the DGX, Genos2  or Montage m series in a future upgrade (don't count on it right).
Marginally confused, Dan



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Re: Advice from the DGX forum team....
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2023, 09:19:34 PM »
If you're thinking of using the DGX to replace a P200, just be aware that the DGX has neither line outs nor 5 pin midi.

Is there another all in one 88 key? There are a couple, but none have rotary sim anything like a YC (except the PA5x88)
Yamaha has a ps500, but that's the same sound library as the CVP705/psrs970/psrsx700, so same organs as well.

Roland has an FPE50, very reduced instrument sound library, but man those speakers are great (and they designed the built in styles to take advantage of those).

Korg used to have a Havian 30, but it seems to have been quietly discontinued. (it was based on the same sound library and chip as the PA300).

Casio also has a PXS3100. which is the sleekest, and lightest of the bunch. However, the default accompany style is the 24k Magic one from Bruno Mars, and is really shrill if you go demo it (the other styles, including "Billie Jean" and "Moves like Jagger" sound great) but again, *no* 5 pin midi out. (originally a typo)
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Re: Advice from the DGX forum team....
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2023, 12:32:10 AM »
Sadly, neither the DGX, Genos, Tyros, or Montage (or m series) include the Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM Rotary) which is a very attractive feature over the included rotary DSP effects.  Dan

Hi Dan -- I'll read again and send a longer reply later. One important correction -- The Montage M does have the VCM rotary simulation. I test drove a Montage M8x and can personally verify it.

Have a good weekend -- pj


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Re: Advice from the DGX forum team....
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2023, 06:00:29 PM »
Hi Dan --

It seems like you have thought this through. Maybe knowing the Montage M has VCM rotary has changed your thinking.

I am a fan of the DGX-670 especially its sound for the dollar value. I'm sure you've realized that the DGX-670 has rather basic external control capabilities. Surely, it will send NOTE ON/OFF, MOD, PB and such basics. However, I wouldn't count on much CC assignability or the ability to send patch change. You would probably need to perform those functions on the target 61 keyboard.

I have a DOREMiDi UMH-20 High Speed MIDI Host adapter. Reasonably priced and seems to work OK. I've also used a Raspberry Pi as a bridge, but that involves a computer (albeit a very small one).

BTW, I think I would have similar concerns about external control even on P-515/525. The Montage/MODX, Stage CP/YC product lines seem better at that.

Hope these comments help -- pj