Author Topic: Tyros 2 voice convert success (from uvn etc)  (Read 3529 times)

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Tyros 2 voice convert success (from uvn etc)
« on: October 05, 2023, 10:35:13 PM »
Hi everyone. I have had a breakthrough this evening. I have converted third party voices that are available for tyros 3-4 etc in uvn format, and using awave studio convert them to tvn. The problem with the conversion I have had with awave studio is that none of the voice settings such as reverb, dsp, velocity layers etc carried over to the tvn file. My violin voice had all the different dynamic layers playing at once when first loaded it into the keyboard. To solve this I used the tyros 2. voice editor software and could edit more parameters than I realised were possible.
I reapplied the settings that were lost and have successfully got these amazing voices working.
I've discovered some beautiful aftermarket voices for our Yamaha keyboards, it amazes me how powerful these tyros and genos models are and still very much upgradable.
It is given my tyres 2 a new lease of life now having a decent sounding choir voice that was really lacking on this model.
Forgive me if this is common knowledge on creating voices on this model. I have only found few information online, and wanted to document this.
Here is a quick video demo

Matthew UK

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Re: Tyros 2 voice convert success (from uvn etc)
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very cool!