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v2 add samples to PSR 9000
« on: November 21, 2023, 11:18:40 PM »

 A better post

I have revamped my request for help.

I want to play new piano sounds.

Can i connect my 9K to a computer loaded with software that has piano sounds? Will the 9K keyboard then be able to play the new library of sounds?


Hello All

Just joined. I've been playing my PSR 9000 for many years but never recorded or tried to update it. Bought it new in 2000, i think. Loved it from day one. A couple of questions i hope someone can help me with:

Can i install a floppy emulator (Nalbantov extreme) to:

1. update to the latest software?

  * i just read in the tutorial pages elsewhere that either disk or web can be used

The list of professional features continues with an optional hard drive (up to 8 GB), SIMMs expandable RAM (up to 65 MB), additional MIDI in/out for external tone generators, and a SCSI port which can connect to an external storage device like a Zip drive. Four individual outputs, 12 blocks of DSP effects, an onboard sequencer and automated mixer are ideal for recording professionals. The PSR9000 contains a Flash ROM operating system, which enables software upgrades to be loaded from disk or the Web.

2. add samples to the library?

   i also read external tone generators from midis can be used. what is an external tone generator exactly?  like Komplete with piano samples in the library?

3. best way to use Komplete Kontrol?

   I also see an updated Bedesem midi can replace the existing one with other functions. But it is still not clear to play that if i use this midi and connect to a pc with program and library,  i can play my piano samples on the 9k keyboard?

Or are there other ways to do these things without an emulator?



ps. i saw the small thread about adding to the library from years ago, and reviewed the updated manuals, but wondered if new tech has found a way...

pps i realize there may be a lot to answering these questions. Anybody hire out on an hourly basis to consult with me? Glad to play or barter
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