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I hope this is being posted in the right page of the forum.

My Genos speakers started dropping out about three weeks ago. Ended up getting a used pair from Sweetwater, they still were dropping out.
After another set was delivered, it was determined that it was probably the GENOS and not the speakers (probably the pinset where the cable goes in).

I got some LOGITECH Z623 and the cable, and they work well.

However, I seem to remember that there was a setting on the GENOS that I had set to the GNS-MSO1 for output.
I could be wrong, but is there this setting somewhere. I can't find it. I want to change it to something for generic for the Logitech speakers.


No there isn't a setting.
  Just plug your speakers into the Line Out R and R/L at the back of Genos. Do not use the MS01 speaker sockets.

Toril S:
I had to get a new cable for the Genos speaker set. Have you tried that?

I think you are talking about the lead that goes from the Sub Woofer to Genos. This has a din plug and you have to be very careful putting it in or you will damage the pins. You can buy new cables.

You are so right! When I got my Genos I was very nervous hooking up the 8pin cable, took me 2-3 tries, I tried not to be in a hurry,Wow! glad that was over.


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