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Hello everyone.

I have the opportunity to repurpose an old, defunct Church Organ to work with my Genos.  The keyboards and Pedal Board are simple enough -- I did a smaller Pedal board adaptation earlier.  They will be a much bigger and tedious job wiring, though.  But I am wondering if I can modify the Volume pedal to work directly with the Genos, or if I have to wire it through the Arduino board.

Can anyone tell me if the Genos Volume Pedal works as analogue (voltage level) or is it digital?  Could someone provide the schematic for the plug?


Adam Parker

hi Adam,

Original pedal Yamaha FC7  is analog device. If I remember correctly, there's 50kOhm potentiometer inside.


Hi Adam,

The Yamaha FC7 pedal contains a 50 kΩ (linear) potentiometer. For the exact wiring, please see the attached picture. It comes from the FC7 Owner's Manual and I've added some important information.

By the way, the exact value of the potentiometer is not that important since it only works as a voltage divider. It should also work with 100 kΩ or even with 10 kΩ. However, I recommend a 50 kΩ pot.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

Thank you both for your replies.  That was exactly the sort of information I needed.  Now, to see what the ol' organ uses in its foot pedal ...  That'll likely be tomorrow.

Thanks again!


You're welcome Adam!

Please note that foot pedals should always be connected before switching on the keyboard, as the polarity of the pedals is automatically detected during the boot process. For example, if you connect an expression pedal like the FC7 while the keyboard is already running, the pedal may work "in reverse" (fully depressed = minimum value). In this case you press "Direct Access" and move the pedal up or down a little to open the Assignable display. There you can switch the polarity for the pedal in question (touch the Menu icon).

Best regards,


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