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Offline Bluewire8

Hi. I've had this problem for awhile now and still can't figure it out.

Sometimes when I change the voice within a style, it distorts part of the voice/notes played into a strange high pitched beeping sound. It may happen most/only when going from an acoustic guitar voice to just about any other voice, including electric guitar. I'm only using the installed voices.

For example:
When playing "Songwriter Ballad" style (first one under Rock & Pop on sx700) there's a Nylon Guitar under the Chorus 1 voice (when looking at the mixer). If I change that voice to anything else, it distorts into beeping. Part of it does, anyway.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? How do I fix it?

Thank you,

Offline Amwilburn

It sounds like you're trying to substitute a megavoice sound with a non-megavoice (standard) voice, so yes, you'll here really high notes representing the strumming/fret noises. Either swap a megavoice for another megavoice, or you'll need to put the style through a megavoice cleaner to remove those notes. (I've only found a megavoice cleaner for midi files, but I'd guess someone out there has one?


Offline Bluewire8

Ok! Yes, I think that's the problem, since the nylon guitar is a megavoice. I'm recording in midi, so a cleaner should work, but I know nothing about them. Which is the one you're familiar with?

Thank you!

Offline overover

Hi Caroline,

Please note that Jørgen Sørensen's "MIDI Mega Voice Cleaner" program is only available for PC (Windows), so not for Mac computers. In addition, "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE), at least version 8, must be installed on the PC (see the notes on the relevant product page).

By the way, another option would be to edit the style or the MIDI file in a suitable program and delete the MegaVoice effect note events on the relevant MIDI channel(s). These are the notes higher than B5, i.e. starting from C6. You could do this with "MixMaster", for example:

Of course, you can also delete the MegaVoice effect notes from a MIDI file in a DAW (e.g. Cakewalk by Bandlab).

In contrast, to edit a STYLE in a DAW you would either have to load the style into MixMaster first and then forward it to Cakewalk via the "Go To" function, or you could also use Jørgen Sørensen's "Style Split and Splice" program. (Because if a style is opened directly in a DAW, edited there and saved again, the style would no longer work properly on the keyboard later.)

Best regards,
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Offline Bluewire8

Thanks everybody. I tried using Jørgen Sørensen's cleaner after downloading Java, but rather than just taking out the weird notes, it changed the voice to piano and cut the volume on that channel by over half. So that won't work.

I'm a real newbie, and I have never been able to figure out MIDI editors (I have Studio One Prime free version and can't figure out how to use it). Most beginner videos on YouTube still expect some basic understanding of how the programs work and it's just not enough for me.

Soooo, I guess I'll have to edit each note out in the step editor. Maybe I'll do that for 4 measures and then just copy and paste it again and again.

I've yet to figure out how to create my own style, either. I get lost at the root chord part, and it never sounds right. Oh well!

Thanks again.

Offline Denn

Hello Caroline.
I've yet to figure out how to create my own style
Short answer to that - Don't. There are thousands of styles out there to download. If you must, just grab a style you like and modify it.
This is how.
Regards Denn
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