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PSR-S770 for sale
« on: May 16, 2023, 08:08:53 PM »
I recently purchased a psr sx900, and thus I look to sell my psr s770. 100% functional. However, you need to unplug to turn it off (a problem many on this forum have experienced), and a few buttons need to be pressed a little harder. For these reasons I am only asking $350, (pics upon request to your email, as they are too big for this forum). However, it comes with power cord, soft case, music stand, owners manual, and a usb stick with the sum of everything I have created on it...styles, files, registrations, sounds, expansion packs, etc. I believe I have created a lot of good stuff. As an example check out my video project recently (link at bottom), which was done totally on the 770 with the exception of piano parts done on the p125. Unfortunately I will not ship, as I want to ensure satisfation of buyer at point of sale (I live in toms river, nj, usa)    Charlie                             

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