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Using Multipad Creator on SX900
« on: May 01, 2023, 08:16:52 AM »
UPDATE on below post: using the Style Control area Stop button on the panel rather than the on-screen Stop button has definitely helped create a smooth pad loop at least for me. Regarding the large pause of my own Multipad while playing a Style, that issue resolved itself by choosing a different Style. Perhaps the expansion Style I was originally trying the pad with had a complex arp phrase that conflicted with my Multipad arp....

Any comments are welcome here regarding my experience so far in Multipad Creator on SX900.

I am trying to make a very simple repeating arp pattern in key of C using a synth voice (MIDI). I kept getting a fraction of a second delay at the end of the phrase before it loops back to the beginning. I finally had better results using the panel Style Control area Stop button rather than the on screen Stop button available in MP creator. The multipad arp I made now repeats OK with chord changes however as soon as I use it with a Style, there is a large pause before the pad begins to play, and this pause keeps happening throughout the Style play. Why is this happening?

A few other questions:
- I assume there is no quantizing of the pad with the Style play?
- when I record the pattern is there a way to hear the current Style? The Style shuts off when I hit record :(
- would I be better off trying this in Style Creator as a phrase?

Note: Iím not looking to solve this using PadMaker software. I am a Mac user and not planning on using virtual Windows on a Mac to use it.

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