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Genos original speakers cable broken

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Toril S:
Dear friends! Today there was no sound from my Genos. I have the speaker set made for the keyboard, and discovered that the cable cpmmectomg tje leubpard tp tje sibwppfer had come loose from the subwoofer. I was not able to put it back in, so i suspect it is broken. The contact on the woofer also looks damaged. This 8 pin cable is something I have never been satisfied with, so I wonder if I can ask a repair shop to install a jack instead on the woofer? Much easier for me to put in place! I don't see the pins (low vision), so this contact has always been troublesome for me. On the Genos end there has to be 8 pin, to open the Genos and change that will be too much I think, but maybe it can be done on the woofer? I read a post many years ago about someone doing it on a Tyros woofer. Not very happy now.... I could use other active speakers, but I like the original ones, I especially like that the satelite speakers can be picoted, so i can get them in the excact position I like.

Hi Toril

Yamaha Genos GNMS01 Cable Speaker System Replacement for ZY51700 Woofer Cable

These are the numbers for a brand new replacement cable.
They are around 8 UK on Ebay. About 140Kr.

If the contact on the subwoofer itself won't accept the cable it's possible that one of the pins from your damaged cable has broken off. A strong magnet or fine tweezers will remove it.

Maybe that will help?

Rick D.:
I agree with you, the plug especially on the Genos end is garbage. I have good eyesight and it is still not easy to line up properly. It is very easy to damage the pins. Try a magnifying glass and a good flashlight and see is you can see what happened on the subwoofer end.

Good luck,

Rick D.

Hi Toril,

The cable from the Genos to the GNS-MS01 subwoofer is a standard cable with mini DIN 8-pin male connectors on both ends. You don't necessarily have to use the (relatively expensive) original spare part.

In principle, Tyros2/3/4 use the same cable, but here the return channel for the left satellite box runs via an additional cable (cinch/RCA connector on the subwoofer side), i.e. outside the 8-pin cable. With the Genos, on the other hand, ALL signals run in the 8-pin cable, i.e. all 8 pins are occupied. Pins connect straight through end to end.

A conversion of the subwoofer and the cable to another, more stable 8-pin connector (or separate connectors for input, output and mute contact) would be possible for a practiced technician, but it would be quite time-consuming.

Best regards,

Toril S:
Dear Keith, Rick D and Chris. Thanks for your quick response! Much appreciated. It turned out that the contact on the woofer was not damaged, but the cable was. Today I took the speaker and the cable to my music store, and they replaced the cable free of charge. My Genos is four years old, so this was really good service! Everything is working properly now.


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