Author Topic: I added a feature request for SCALER devs to support Genos/SX900 CHORD LOOPER  (Read 1471 times)

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A few of you might know of an excellent VST plugin and now iPadOS/iOS app called SCALER.

Here's some YouTube to show you what it can do -

I recently added a feature request for a future scaler to support working with the newer top line Yamaha arrangers with CHORD LOOPER functionality here

If you think this would be cool add your support. But obviously also check out just what SCALER can do. It can already send chords to any receiving MIDI DEVICE - but the feature request asks for the .CLD and .CLB file formats and Yamaha XF format midi commands ( sysex? ) to be supported as well.

Its a big ask.. but who knows -
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 i am familiar with app. it would be very worth while to be  able to send progressions to the keyboard.
I plan to look at the export mods to see if there is a way to get it into Chord Tracker or Chord Looper.