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Tyros 3 expansion.
« on: January 16, 2023, 06:49:10 PM »
I wonder if anyone has any expansion voices for the Tyros 3?
The expansion memory has been installed and this is indicated in the display when I check.
Thing is, I have no idea how to install expansion voices.
TIA for any help.
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Re: Tyros 3 expansion.
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2023, 09:22:15 PM »
Hi Kevin,

First of all, please note that the Tyros3 does not yet use "non-volatile" (NAND Flash) expansion memory, but so-called "DRAM DIMMs", which lose their memory content when switched off. The Expansion Voices must therefore be reloaded at each start, which can take a relatively long time when using large Expansion Voices.

Unfortunately, Yamaha no longer offers any expansion packs for the Tyros3 apart from the "Tyros3 Euro Pack", which you can download here:

This pack contains additional styles as well as a total of 57 Custom Voices (.UVN/.UVD) format.

If you haven't already, please download the Tyros3 Reference Manual "V1.12 -" and preferably also the Tyros3 Owner's Manual and the Data List here:

Use the INDIVIDUAL LOAD function to load individual Custom Voices in .UVN format (= Custom Normal Voice) or .UVD format (= Custom Drum Voice). See page 27 in the T3 Reference Manual.

Important: The Tyros3 only has 128 slots for Custom Normal Voices plus (if I remember correctly) 40 slots for Custom Drum Voices.

To load a Custom Voice LIBRARY (.UVI format) use the LIBRARY LOAD function. It should be noted that the .UVN/.UVD Custom Voice files linked in the library (.UVI) must be located in the exact location for which the .UVI was originally created. To check, you can open the .UVI on the computer in a text editor program (e.g. Windows Notepad/Notepad), then you will see the expected location (drive and folder/subfolder) for the .UVN/.UVD files. "E:/" means the internal T3 hard drive, "I:/ is the first, "J:" the second connected USB stick.

I recommend that you read the entire "Voice Creator" chapter (Reference Manual from page 17).

You can also search for .UVN/.UVD Custom Voice files on the internet, e.g. with the following Google search query:

Note, however, that such Google searches may lead you to unsafe/dangerous websites. You should therefore always "know exactly what you are doing".

On the following page you will find, among other things, .UVN/.UVD voices. Please note that "VCE" files are NOT Expansion Voices (but so-called "User Voices", which can be easily loaded from the USB stick, but are only based on Preset Voices (i.e. do not contain any new samples).

By the way, even .UVN/.UVD voices do not necessarily contain new samples. If the files are extremely small (just a few KB), they are just edited Preset Voices.

Please also make sure that the latest Firmware version is installed on your Tyros3 (V1.20). If not, you can download this version here:

Hope this helps!

Best regards,
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