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      I'm wondering if I change or mix Studio Monitor, someting like KRK 5 Classic, with my ROAND KC-220 and my GNS-MS01, is the Sound will be much better ?

                         Need your help for my question !

                                                                               Quebec, CANADA

Donít know why you would need both the Yamaha Genos speakers and a Roland keyboard amp. I would have thought they mono keyboard amp would add little. And whether powered studio monitors would be better than the Yamahas depends on which you buy, what size, make etc. At the end of the day it is a very personal choice. KRKs are very good, but so is what you already have.

Thank you mikf pour your opinion.  Michel

Toril S:
Hello Michel. The Genos monitors are really good, and tha fact that the satelite speakers can be turned towards you when you play makes it easy to hear what you are playing. I never bothered with studio monitors. For editing your music you could instead use headphones. Speakers are always a matter of taste, I know people on this forum use studio monitors on thair keyboards and say that is much better. Just find out what works for you :)

I thank you so much Toril.    Michel


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