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early jazz backing on Genos
« on: December 23, 2022, 04:13:34 AM »

I have listened to a lot of demos on the Genos. Most styles seem to favor modern rhythms. However, I live in the past musically and I would love to hear some old style blues and jazz backing.  Can anyone show me a Genos clip of an early jazz style with nothing but a nice string bass, acoustic rhythm guitar and only brushes on the drums as backup? As an example I might suggest Count Basie quartet August 21, 1968, jazz casual, hosted by Ralph Gleason. Some samples at 1200, 1600, and a great half hour of early jazz and Basie reminiscing.

Iím contemplating if I can use a Genos as a back-up band for my piano playing, strictly for my own amazement.

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Re: early jazz backing on Genos
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There are some great Jazz styles on Genos and of course you can mute any part you don't like just leaving you with drums Bass  and Guitar.