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A bit of a long shot, but I've been searching a long time for a small, portable speaker that I can take to music practice at a friends house with the Genos.  I bought the iLoud unit which delivers amazing volume for it's size (about that of a iPad) and whilst it sounds pretty good at home, when playing against a couple of acoustic guitars in a small front room it doesn't cut the mustard.  Given it's tiny drivers it is not surprising there isn't enough bottom end when the volume is turned up.

So looking about I recently came across the latest top-end release from Souncore (An Anker brand).  The Youtube reviews of the latest Motion Boom Plus seem to be glowing, often being compared to the much more expensive JBL Extreme 3.  Unlike previous Soundcore speakers, the new Motion Boom Plus has an Aux in, meaning it could be used with the Genos.

I wonder if anyone here has tried this speaker, particularly with a keyboard like Genos.  I'm really tempted to try it from Amazon as it has bigger drivers and so should deliver a lot more bottom end.  I've watched dozens of video reviews, but nobody has used it with a keyboard. 

If anyone has any experience of this sub 180 speaker, do let me know :-)

Many thanks

hello Simon,
I haven't seen nor listened to any speakers you mention. But now that I've checked them on web, I can only say: DON'T!
I mean.. isn't it obvious that both, iLoud and Motion Boom Plus (what a fancy names), are cheap chinese toys? Take a look at AliExpress where you can find tons of them for 30-40$ -sadly, but the same is true for JBL you mentioned.
I understand that you're probably looking for budget solution (I always am!), but I think you should start looking at something above $300. That is, if you only wish to buy once (I'm sure iLoud was a lesson enough). For about 400$ you can get decent system that will serve you in long term. For example, something like this:


Thanks Bogdan
I should have maybe made clear that I already have a Yamaha StagePass 400 PA system which I use for live playing at our church. At home I also use Yamaha HS7 studio monitors and a decent Focusrite audio interface, so it's really more of a very practical small solution just to take out for practice at a friends house.  I do miss my old PSR-S900 which had a decent built-in speaker system, so I guess I'm looking for something inexpensive that would replace that when I use Genos.  I appreciate that all these type of 'bluetooth speakers' are going to be mass produced cheap plastic boxes, but if they can deliver a good sound at decent volume from a keyboard then that's all I need.  Appreciate your concerns though and thanks for getting back to me.  :)

Both speakers are Bluetooth - so not much use for use when playing a KB.


hi Simon,
Thanks for (late) clarification  ;D Now I realize you're pretty much covered.. except for something easily portable. Well, in this case, I would probably look after a pair of smallish active studio monitors .. some 5" (even 4"?) woofers should do the job I think.. 200-250$?
Ok, maybe there exist something cheaper, that would still work for you.. but how can you tell? Wish you smart decision  :)



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