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EV's new Everse 8 Battery Powered Speakers


Just saw notes about these new speakers from EV: Everse 8 battery-powered speaker.  They might be of interest - from various reviews, they seem to have lots of positive attributes.  Not 'cheap' though.

Lots of reviews and video reviews out there, such as:


I found some covers that work nicely (with one modification) for these: Turbosound TS-PC8 covers.  These are nicely-made, nicely-padded covers.   I knew they may not be a 'perfect' fit - it turns out, once I had someone with sewing experience "hem" them by 2 inches (remove 2" from the bottom and re-sew the 'hem') - they are now PERFECT for the EV-8s!  To me, they are easier and more 'efficient' than the EV brand cases, which while nice, area "more than I need" (and more expensive).  I like these!

Interesting but certainly not cheap, - about $2000 for a pair when you add in covers and spare battery. Not sure how what circumstances a keyboard player might need battery powered PA since you need power anyway for the keyboard.

The new Casios can run on batteries (PXS slim stage piano series) as well as some of their 61 key arrangers, although their arrangers are closer to the PSRE's than they are to the sx series. The only other thing I can think of is maybe you're only allowed 1 outlet, so you need your speakers to be battery powered (powered speakers would take up 2 more sockets).

But yeah, at that point why not a portable PA like a Yamaha Stagepas?


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