Author Topic: Adaptive styles on DGX670 - usefullness and inckysion on future arrangers  (Read 1675 times)

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Offline bpsafran

I have seen some videos that feature and explain the adaptive styles on the DGX670. This is the first realtime intelligence that Yamaha has applied to their styles. Has anyone used it and compared the effect to regular, non adaptive playing of the same style? Should it be featured in future arrangers? Is there a related Yamaha patent that we could read to get more insight?


Offline Graham UK

I play the DGX670 and I find the Adaptive Styles are very good.
They can move up the variations depending on your playing pressure.
These DGX style on a another Yamaha board will play as normal without the Adaptive activation.
I wish we could obtain more.
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Offline Amwilburn

The adaptive styles are good, they *do* jump from Main variation A through D depending on how hard you play; it actually works pretty well.

The Unison styles; I actually don't like them, because they keep randomly inserting cymbal crashes when I play a bit too hard. However, should be able to turn off the style adaptiveness... Hmm nope, just tried turning off both adaptive and unision, I *still* get the excessive cymbal crashes on the 80s Power Rock unison style. Weird.

But the adaptive styles behave well, yes.


Offline Graham UK

Mark. Yes, unison styles do trigger the drums, but by selecting the Brush Kit the cymbal is lower volume but still not ideal.
It would be beneficial if DGX670 owners could adapted the remaining styles to Adaptive via some PC software.
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