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psr770 upgrade to psr sx900
« on: September 19, 2022, 06:44:35 PM »
When I bought the 770 I pondered over the 970, especially for its harmonizer. Ultimately I passed and bought a voice live touch. I now find it to be a pain in the butt using it as compared to an internal harmonizer. Starting with this issue I am thinking of upgrading to the sx900. I have some questions.                                                                                                                                           1. how does the sound quality of the sx900 harmonizer compare to a voice live touch (about a 4 year old tc helicon)?                 2.  Do they work on the sound of a legacy patches?  Say the same scanner jazz organ patch from the 770 is on the sx900. If played on both keyboards through the same outboard amplifier, would it sound identical?                                                                                                  3. How is the feel of the keybed? Is there more resistance? The 770 feels like I am playing on a piece of plywood.                         4. Does the dobro guitar exist on the 900? Can sounds be found and imported from the Genos?                                                    5. Can vocals go through the 900, and out on a separate output?                                                                                                       6. Can a setlist of, say, 15 songs be created in order and retrieved in order?                                                                                   7. Any other notable improvements that I have not asked about?                                                                                                   .         Once again, thanks in advance to the members of this community that offer so much help.  I have embraced the arranger technology as a professional performer for years. To me, a talented female singer and an arranger can do so many things. I offer a video of an example. Thanks