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Change default Mic effect settings
« on: August 05, 2022, 04:43:05 PM »
Hello fellow musicians :). Regarding DGX 670, I need to set my onboard Microphone effect to Basic Hall or Light Hall and the wet amount to perhaps 27, and have it stored, so that it will be memorized as default when the DP is turned on.

I tried saving it as a Registration memory, at the front of the bank, meaning I just have to click one memory button to get it to be the values I want. I was able to do just that but only regarding the type of effect, when saving at least the SONG info.

However I cannot get the wet altered even if saving all the parameters in the registration memory. I wonder if there is some default settings somewhere that I have overlooked.

Also do You have any suggestion as to which Effect is preferable, and which wet amount, when recording, later editing in Cubase? I know one would probably be best off, having some Sound interface with the possibility to add some live effect which is not being recorded though. Then one may later add that effect. But a little may be nice when singing. DO you prefer singing and recording it completely dry or a bit wet then adding more? Or just recording it with the preferred Reverb effect added at the board stage.

Thanks on beforehand
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Re: Change default Mic effect settings
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2022, 05:33:09 PM »
I solved it. I have a registration memory with 4 variations. It was a bit complicated because what is altered when pressing the registration buttons depends on the default values of the voices and styles, for reverb and chorus. Those effects cover both the voices and style plus the microphone. BUt it makes sense that the reverb type would be the same for the microphone as for the instruments: ROom, hall, medium hall, stage etc. So programming just the wet amount at a fair value covering both large hall and medium hall etc would make the microphone and instruments fit: Or one saves it along with the registration banks of one's various songs and styles, hence not needing to alter that once stored.

Else just registering the microphone (DSP 5) and and memorizing just the Mic values, makes this value available in all situations and you simply choose your setup of sounds etc (including an already saved memory) and then push the saved registration of the mic value, afterwards (in that particular registration memory saved at the front of all other memories), which will not alter other than the microphone's wet values (rev, chor, microphone DSP) plus the dsp 5 type of effect for the microphone exclusively.
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