Author Topic: How to mix Custom Audio style and Style parts using hex dumb or any other method  (Read 246 times)

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Is there any way to mix Audio style and style parts (i.e. Rythm, bass, chords, pads, phrase)
Because Yamaha doesn't allow copying Audio Styles to USB, it's impossible to have a backup of my custom audio style.

I have noticed that it's possible to remove the audio part from my keyboard by changing bars and bringing it back to the original and saving the style file without audio.
so is it possible to mix the original audio style with the one without audio style?

I have checked this website to know more about audio style, also it consists of one java source code... Idk what to do with

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Audio-styles are converted to fit Genos on Yamaha's website
to download and there are more styles to download.

// Pierre
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LOL  You have just discovered why the AUDIO styles are worthless for creating your own custom song styles. They are good for one song only maybe at best.