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Using Audio phraser with Tyros5 - Some questions
« on: April 08, 2022, 01:22:44 PM »
Hey guys,
First, I apologize if the topic is not in the right place.
I'm trying to clarify some doubts that I still have regarding the Audio Phraser and its use with the tyros5.
I would like someone who has had experience to help me understand the idea better. Come on:

1. In the program I insert the audio loops for each style session. The midi part I do later on the keyboard itself using style creator, correct?
2. After exporting the final result as a .aus file, I create a pack in YEM and import this file. I save and run the installation on the keyboard. Once installed, where do I find the audio style?
3. To add the midi part, do I need to have it previously done in another style with only midi data to make the assembly? Because in the Tyros5 manual it says that it is not possible to copy the audio part from one style to another. Would I then have to do the reverse?
4. At the end, would it really be possible to save the complete style back into a .aus file including the midi part for backup purposes or even insertion into a pack? From what I read right here on the forum, audio styles from tyros5 can only be copied to user memory. Really this happens and I do it when I want to create my own OTS. But does the rule also apply to user-created audio styles?

I apologize in advance if the questions seem kind of obvious, but even reading several threads on the subject, I'm still confused.

Musical regards,
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