Author Topic: DGX-670 Clipped notes, repaired under warranty  (Read 2327 times)

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DGX-670 Clipped notes, repaired under warranty
« on: April 06, 2022, 04:29:22 PM »
I am posting this in case anyone else has this issue. Clipping notes is the best way I can describe what happened. Quite random, but frequent enough to become annoying. Single notes just cut off. Was it my playing style? Did I have some effect enabled? I reset the factory settings but that didn't help. I recorded playing the same pentatonic scale repeatedly which captured the aberration several times and played it back consistently. I took the keyboard to a local repairman. Right away he agreed that it wasn't right. He contacted Yamaha who wasn't familiar with the issue.  Yamaha provided a new "controller" board. Now it plays perfectly, fixed at no charge to me.  Glad that I had my purchase and registration paperwork in order. Sometimes the warranties indeed pay off.

An update as of 04/22/2022. The keyboard played perfectly for about a month and then one day clipping of notes started again. As I thought about any changes in my setup I recalled that a had attached my iPad to the USB port. The first time in a long time. I use Songbook+ to manage music PDF files. I'm still not certain whether the clipping effect is due to having Songbook+ open or just having the DGX-670 USB port connected to an iPad. I can't detect any MIDI transmitting/receiving occurring but am not sure there is no MIDI activity. An ongoing mystery.
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Re: DGX-670 Clipped notes, repaired under warranty
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2022, 11:44:50 AM »
I had the exact same problem, I use an iPad with a direct connection (USB C) to the USB A port on the DGX670, I thought is was down to me lifting off too early as it seemed to be intermittent. I now also make sure the iPad is connected before powering on the DGX, this seems to have fixed it.