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S710 battery?
« on: April 13, 2022, 01:02:59 AM »
I have a S710 and when I switch it off it has started losing its settings.

Does the S710 have an internal battery and how do you change it?
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Re: S710 battery?
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2022, 05:57:40 PM »
Most of the newer keyboards have a storage capacitor, which functions the same as the old CMOS batteries. It is possible that that capacitor has died, but it's really rare. You can run a test to determine this by:

1. power off
2. press C2# - F2 - G2# (all three together) and while keeping them depressed,
3. switch the power on.

You will see the wird "TEST" on the display.

With the tempo -/+ keys you can go to the test you want to perform, Start/stop will start the test. Wait till the test is done before going to another.

You may wish to try a factory reset before doing this test. It has solved a lot of similar problems.

Good luck,

Gary 8)
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Re: S710 battery?
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2022, 08:51:16 PM »
I have a S710 and when I switch it off it has started losing its settings.

Does the S710 have an internal battery and how do you change it?

Hi Scott,

PSR-S, PSR-A and Tyros models definitely DO NOT include a battery. All user system settings are stored in the internal flash memory. This also applies in principle to PSR-SX models and Genos. The latter models only contain an additional so-called Super Capacitor, which buffers the date and time settings for a few days when the keyboard is not powered.

It is perfectly normal for certain settings to be reset to the factory defaults (e.g. the pedal settings) when the keyboard is restarted. Some settings (e.g. split points) can be locked in the "Parameter Lock" display (described in the Reference Manual or in the reference part of the Owner's Manual, depending on the model). However, this does NOT apply to changed pedal settings, among other things. These MUST be stored in Registrations:

So create one or more so-called Setup Registrations that contain your preferred settings, and then always load the desired setup registration first, immediately after starting the keyboard. If no different pedal settings are memorized in your other registrations, the settings made by the setup registration will be retained throughout the playing session. If you need different pedal settings, you can either work with several setup registrations, which you load as required, or you can memorize the desired pedal settings for ALL registrations. However, keep in mind that you will then no longer be able to use any global pedal settings (set via Setup Registrations) unless you use the Freeze function. The procedure here would be as follows:

Press [Direct Access] > [Freeze] to enter Freeze Settings. Make sure only the Pedal box ticked us. Press [Exit] to close the settings. Make sure the Freeze button is OFF. Make the pedal settings (e.g. by calling up a registration that contains the desired pedal settings). Activate Freeze (LED lights up). The pedal settings are now "frozen".

By the way, the MIDI settings cannot be memorized to Registrations. To save changed MIDI settings (so that they are automatically recalled after a restart), press Exit once to leave the MIDI EDIT display. Then tab to the User drive and press Save to save your User MIDI template. Finally make sure the your User MIDI tempate is definitely loaded currently.

The use of the internal test program mentioned by Gary is neither necessary nor effective here. In addition, this program should only be used by Yamaha service technicians or very experienced users who "know exactly what they are doing", and you should definitely have the service manual for the respective keyboard model (which of course explains how to use the test program anyway). is accurate). Incidentally, I don't believe in it (and Yamaha doesn't like it either) when service key combinations, e.g. for starting the test program, are posted publicly on the Internet. I do this myself, if promising with certain problems, so basically only by PM (personal message).

Best regards,
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