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Is YEM Necessary?
« on: February 14, 2022, 06:58:52 AM »
Is it possible to just move expansion files to the right place via USB Storage Mode?

(Assuming you know what you’re doing…  :) )
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Re: Is YEM Necessary?
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2022, 07:44:36 AM »
Is it possible to just move expansion files to the right place via USB Storage Mode?

(Assuming you know what you’re doing…  :) )

Hi mtrigoboff,

YEM is absolutely necessary to INSTALL Expansion Packs in .ppf/.cpf format (= unprotected/protected Pack Project file).

Some Expansion Packs are also available in .ppi/.cpi format (= unprotected/protected Pack Install file). These files could be installed directly to the keyboard (without using YEM), BUT you can only install ONE Pack in this case, i.e. all previous Expansion content would be deleted during installation. In addition, such files are model-specific, i.e. only .ppi/.cpi files that were specially created for the Genos work on the Genos.

So the only sensible way is to import .ppf/.cpf or .sf2 (soundfont) files into the YEM, select the desired content there and then install it either via USB stick or WiFi. By the way, .UVN/.UVD files (= Tyros3/4 Custom Voice files) can also be imported, either by importing the associated .UVI (Custom Voice Library file) as a Pack, or by importing the .UVN/.UVD files "as content" into a previously created new, empty Pack or into an existing, unprotected Pack.)

The only thing you can do with Expansion Packs in USB Storage Mode is copy specific files (e.g. Styles, Registration Bank files, Multi Pad Bank files) from the "Expansion" folder to a location outside the Expansion folder in User drive or to a USB stick. (This is not possible directly on the Genos because the internal Copy function does not work within the "Expansion" folder. So you could only LOAD an Expansion file (e.g. a Style) and then SAVE it to another location outside the "Expansion" folder, but only one by one.)

The user has no direct access to the actual Expansion Memory (very fast NAND flash memory), in which the WAVE data of the Expansion Voices are stored during the Pack Installation. You can only access the User drive via USB Storage Mode.

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