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Dear PSR Tutorial users,
Yes I am logged in since 10 years .. but I feel like I should now tell about me, and I also have questions...

I am Frank, now 50 years old from Pforzheim /germany (city between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart in the black forest).
My father started a music shop in 1969 (he just passed one week ago) .. and after a first job in electronic (SEL ALCATEL NOKIA) I run my fathers business.

I sell keyboards since 1980 (as a young boy :-) and started with midi on Commodore 64 wit JMS Interface and Software followed with Steinberg´s first sequenzer. Than Emagic with notator creator on Atari ST ...
Our first home keyboards sold the technics SX K100 and PSR DSR …
For the synthesizers we distributed cartridges for DX7 /ESQ1 /DS8  … 
Later Editors for ATARi for e.G. SQ-80, DSS-1 …

With some colleagues we wanted to buy the company „ensoniq“, but a „computer company“ :-)  named creative labs (earned a lot of money with the „soundblaster“ SB Sound cards for PC  bought ensoniq (and EMU!).
…  I remember ensoniq earned in these years sometimes only 50.000$ ….  and they built SO innovative products….

We sold synth pianos keyboards but also almost all other music instruments..
NOW Tyros 1 was presented, and I joined the European presentation on the ferry to Oslo with the Yamaha European chief Dr. Jeromin saying with a wiking helmet on his head on our journey :“ The Tyros will improve the keyboard market like no keyboard before“ .. and for sure he was right … 

From this Time I supported musicians on her Arranger instruments more and more.

After joining some forums (first started - one of the first privat ones followed by the official yamaha forum and roundabout 20 other forums also psr-tutorial later , I learned a lot of users and a lot of „wishes“ so I recommend the yamaha team a lot … some solved .. but a lot of wishes are still in pipeline :-)

I built europeans free music teacher list  and a free band and musician portal
to help to get work for the teacher and musicians.

We also sold spareparts Yamaha didn’t sold (like Backup Sets for tyros) and after hundreds of „moons“ around volume knobs, I invented the „volume protection sticker“ … first with stickers than adhesive so everybody could protect his keyboard for longer „nice looking“ shape :-)
Every year we made new stickers and  other add ons for keyboard.
For T2-5 and Genos also Holders for monitors tablets, the Boris -bracket and now the Speakerholder for Tyros and GENOS Speakers on all our holders/boris racket or micro stands…
For almost all yamaha keyboards  also dust protector books and dvd´s …

The last years I used a lot of midi tools and als worked with some programmers for modifications and „wishes“ Yamaha didn´s solve .. like Heiko Plate (We put the VH recognition in PSRUTI together) .. god bless Heiko.

Also Klaus (the German translator of murrays Best YEM) is a friend of mine, and we had to thank Murray for HIS important program ... to see what is in inside eat Registrations.. yamaha is "hiding" from us. :-)

Before corona I made workshops with a lot of the European Keyboard People like: Michel Voncken, Peter Baartmans, Roman Sterzik, Manni Pichler, Heidrun Dolde, Thoralf Abgarjan, Jürgen Sartorius, Dennis Tegeder, Boris Schwürtz … and by myself :-)
I joined almost every keyboarder meeting in Germany, like Musicando, Erfurt , sometimes 10 a year .. (PRE Corona) ...

Today I make a weekly free live workshop every monday 18:30  (5:30 PM Greenwich Time 10:30 AM ET 9:00 AM WT/ on YouTube / Facebook solving keyboarders problems.

I also built a European keyboard helper network 
where almost 280 keyboarder help in germany australia switzerland netherland yamaha keyboarders on her keyboards.

With corona we had to stop our international shipping because of shipping times 83 days to california, and I try to find someone sending parts inside usa and other countries so I send BIG PACKS and someone send them with local mail in letters forward….
Thanks for contact informations if someone knows someone :-)   for Sure this person gets money for that! 

Maybe someone out there has a solution for that?

So .. a lot of text .. sorry…

And now a merry xmas to everyone

Greetings from Germany

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