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Hi all,

I ask all Genos users to check after the update to Firmware version 2.10 whether the "Live Control" display can be called up normally (Menu1 > Live Control). IF this works, everything is OK. If you get an "Unexpected Error" please read the following:

Obviously there is a bug in Genos Firmware version 2.10, which can cause the Genos OS to crash when calling up the "Live Control" display (Menu1 > Live Control) if the previous Live Control configuration (adopted during the update) is not compatible with V2. 10. At the moment, however, I do not yet know which (earlier) Live Control setting is exactly the reason for the crash.

In my case, when I tried to call up the Live Control display (using all of the methods mentioned), the following error message appeared and the Genos had to be restarted. (See also the attached picture.)

Unexpected error - turn the power off and on again.

If the error described occurs (when trying to call up the "Live Control" display), the problem can be solved as follows:
- Menu2 > Utility > Factory Reset/Backup > page 1/2
- Make sure that only the checkmark "Live Control" is set (!)
- Touch the "Factory Reset" button.
- It is best to go to page 2/2 > "Setup Files" and save the current "System" file in the User drive and/or on a USB stick. (File name e.g. "System Setup V2.10").

Note: The Live Control settings are saved in the System Setup, but can, as described, be reset independently of a System Reset if necessary.

The Live Control display can be accessed using the following methods. If the error described occurs, then with ALL of these methods:
- Menu1 > [Live Control]
- Home display > Home Shortcut [Live Control]
- [Direct Access] > move one of the Live Control Knobs or Sliders
- [Direct Access] > press [Knob Assign] button
- [Direct Access] > press [Slider Assign] button

Best regards,

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Re: Genos V2.10 - Unexpected error when trying to open "Live Control" display
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Chris, thank you for the helpful information.
I have version 2.10 but I'm not having the problem you're describing.
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Re: Genos V2.10 - Unexpected error when trying to open "Live Control" display
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Hi Chris, thanks for your Info.

Same was on 2.00 and 2.01 with some parameters ... so the 2.02 fixed it.

I did a downgrade and upgrade session with my Genos to test if a downgrade is possible, so it went back to 1.41. up to 2.10, down to 2.02, up to 2.10 so I am sure customers with made Backups (forgot to save the midi,Fx ..) are able to switch back to the System Version of her last BACKUP and they can save the forgotten datas after importing the RIGHT Backup.

(all backups are loadable but the content will only fit the version the backup was made, as written in the 2.10 Yamaha documentation!)

I recommend always installing Expansions via USB STICK with CPI .. never incremental CQI!
Than workstick safety and YEM Installation Screenshots of LSB Site .. so with at monthly PC Backup all is "safe" :-) for a "crash".

b.t.w. when switching between different Firmwares the effect definition may got lost (all my e-Guitars changed to non distortions!). ... so just make a "Soft Reset"  (Last KEY G pressed 3   before and hold down when switching on for 3 seconds .. no datas will lost and fx are on the right definition ..)

greetings from Germany
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