Author Topic: Hi everyone I知 curious when Yamaha might release the PSR-E383 and the EW325  (Read 993 times)

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I know the池e still working on the 473 and ew425 but I was curious about the one that will replace the psr e373 and ew310.

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Historically, these keyboards have been released every two years.  As the PSR-E373 and EW310 were released last year, then that would point to their replacements being introduced sometime next year.  In reality, as it has taken so long for the E473 and EW425 to be released, I would not be surprised to see a release date in the 2023 range, or even later, for the E383 and EW325... if that's what they'll even be called.  As always, this is pure speculation on my part.
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I agree.

Hi Everyone Back on this topic again. I know finally the psr E473/EW425 is out. i was wondering if the PSR E383/EW325 will come out this year or Next year.