Author Topic: Live Control - Slider 9 [1] Volume setting "Kbd" and "KbdVol" - Difference ?  (Read 788 times)

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Hi all:
Today I noticed a Genos (default) setting which I can't really understand.
The Live Control settings are shown with the Live Control display (small display left from the main display).
The 9 Slider Assign settings are threefold: , [1] and [2].
Looking on [1], Slider 9, "Kbd" for Volume settings is shown.
With Direct Access and Slider 9 you are able to change this assignment, and I found "KbdVol".
But what is the actual difference between both Volume setting choices ? I didn't found anything explaining this difference.

I would be grateful for any advise on that (perhaps our friend "overover" knows ?).
Thank you in advance for your effort in answering that.

I just found the description of both in Genos Reference Manual.
Subject is obselete.
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Best Regards, Klaus

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Hi Klaus,

In the first Genos firmware versions, prior to V1.20, if I remember correctly, there were problems with the "Keyboard Volume" function. This was not compatible with the function of the same name on the Tyros5 (there to be operated via the "Assignable Slider" or via the Balance display).

If I'm not mistaken, it was originally the case that when changing the "Keyboard Volume" parameter, the current volume ratio of the keyboard parts was not retained correctly, but all keyboard parts were incorrectly set to the same volume value.

With version 1.20 the Live Control Slider "Type 1" was assigned with "KbdVol" by default and this function now works as usual from the Tyros5:

Version History (Genos)
[V1.10 to V1.20]
   - ...
   - A new LIVE CONTROL assignable parameter is available: "Keyboard Volume."
   - The default settings of LIVE CONTROL slider assign type 1 are changed: the "Keyboard Volume" is assigned to slider 9.
   - ...

By the way: I only work with the "Keyboard Volume" when I don't have a volume pedal connected. Usually I have connected an FC7 pedal that only affects the RIGHT parts.

Obviously the parameter "Keyboard Volume" was forgotten in the current Genos Data List (section "Parameter Chart"). As far as I know, just like with the Tyros5, this is saved in Registrations with the checkbox "VOICE". I do NOT recommend storing a reduced "Keyboard Volume" in Registrations. I always make sure that "Keyboard Volume" is set to 127 when saving Registrations. So I always set the volume of the keyboard parts in the "normal" way.

Best regards,
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thank you so much and it supports now my understanding how to deal with the LiveControl (LC) Slider 9 assign 1 entries "Volume" and "KbdVol".
Your advice is always of great help for me and many others in our forum.
Insofar your thoughts and hints to deal with those LC-Volume choices was very helpful indeed.
Remain healthy !
Best Regards, Klaus

Offline overover

Thanks for your kind feedback, Klaus! :)

All the best,
Everyone always said: "This is not possible!" - Then someone came and ... just did it!