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Registration files & offload to USB opportunity and issues
« on: September 21, 2021, 10:24:10 PM »
  Last year when I got my SX700 and loaded up my USB with styles ,pads, songs, midi files, etc and registrations, I thought that it would be a good idea to sort files and folder to keep things thin , simple an cleaner.  I learned the hard way as my registration did not work after that. Thanks to the detailed advice  and suggestions from many members I have had no issues since as I move nothing around now.. I just add folders with new collections. 
      I tried the other day after purchasing Joe's collection #15 to put that into a separate USB and single folder called Collection #15, then created a second folder called MY USB and I copied the current loaded USB that I have with the 65,000 entries as they were into the "MY USB" so kind of a simple clone to that folder.  Loaded it into the keyboard and all loaded fine. Collection #15 was good. but when I opened the second folder(MY USB)  and loaded my registrations I had issues. Some worked but most did not work.  Seems too me that perhaps the keyboard knows of the root directory, paths,or whatever and looks for that chained path??.

  Then I thought ok, keep the Collection #15 folder but this time instead of creating a second folder like the "MY USB", I would just copy everything to the usb.  Kind of like just a folder add of #15 collection to my already loaded USB..   >>>>>  That Worked Fine  <<<<<<<<  Now I have a really loaded USB and know that the SX700 can still load and read it with no issues.   But so far I have gone to a 16gb USB with 200,000 entries (mix of syles, midi, songs, wav files, pads,voices, etc and things are still working with the keyboard recognizing everything.  Not sure what the breaking point is now.
I also have made multiple working copies/clones of my good 64gb to 16gb to 128gb usbs all in FATS formatted by the keyboard and all working fine.

..............................My Question now:........................................

 I was thinking that it would be nice if it was possible to move all my registrations along with ONLY the pads,ots,sytles that they need to work in one clean sweep!

  So my end result would be a new USB say with only (for argument sake)  200 combined entries  that are really needed to make my registrations work instead of having them sit on my current usb with 65,000 items in multiple folders and folder types.

The advantage other than having a cleaner and slimmer usb, would be that I could have multiple USBs like one for CHA CHA, another for Salsa, Rock etc - each with their own related registration folder/files and that they would all play.

I know the hard way of doing it and that is for each registration, identify and isolate all the sytles,pads,ots,voices, etc for that particular registration and copy them along with the registration file. This is too difficult. Am hoping for a nice quick solutions if there is one.

    Regards   dom!
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