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Hello Members,
                 i started on Yamaha PSR 510 in the 90's, specifically in 1993 and... 28 years later, today i got the Yamaha PSR SX 700.. Fantastic piece of musical equipment. That is one hel'of a giant leap in keyboards, for me, atleast.. i had s few questions, even though some might be dumb as F...
 1) Will it be possible to use any kind of wifi adaptor to the USB to HOST slot on the SX 700 for internet access or does it have to be a specific one from Yamaha..? which is the best please lemme know..
2)  Well, is it possible to put styles and voices from the SX 900 to the SX 700 which are missing on the SX 700..
3) Can i connect a bluetooth receiver adaptor to the AUX in and play content on the keyboard..?
4) i tried downloading YMF on my mac, it says that my laptop's IOS is not updated and infact, it cannot be updated as its limited to higher IOS, therefore, is there an alternative App to unrelease expansion packs on the laptop so i can load them unto the keyboard..
 i wish you all the members good luck and stay safe.. and thanking you well in advance.. i am a newbie here.. and back in the days i remember playing raw music with good styles but theres hardly anything you can do much when you have a PSR 510 compared to todays machines... so please be kinds and show me the direction where i can load or download songs, audio style, real midi files songs, from 3rd party players, i know yamaha has packs which i will load later.. so, whatever i can get my hands on to enjoy my playing.. compatible with my SX 700 of course... A big hug to you all.. and `CHEERS to the big players for helping other members..
          FROM, a cool Home Hobbyist...

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1) I am afraid wifi will only work with a yamaha wifi adapter but you can also use a wifi adapter that was intended for the Tyros
2) you can transfer styles from  the SX900 to the 700 but note that the 900 has some kind of “revo compatible” drumkits which are not available on the 700 so you might need some manual adaptations to remove them. The 700 also has less voices compared to the 900 but my experience is that the 700 is very good at selecting automatically the best fitting voice so manual revoicing of styles is in general not needed (and even not useful). Some OTS voices however will not work.
3) the AUX-in is a general audio input so yes, it should be possible to take input from a bluetooth receiver
4) I am not familiar with mac
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1) Yes, like Johan said, you do need the Yamaha one (UDWL01); the old s9x series were able to use a 3rd party one, but they seem to have removed that in the new series
2) Again, Johan is correct; but it's not that bad. You can run them through the revo drum cleaner from Jorgen Sorensen, and it will make mostly functional versions.
3) I can't believe I never noticed that the sx900 has bluetooth while the sx700 doesn't! Yes you can use any bluetooth receiver with a minipin 1/8" output; the sx900 has bluetooth audio in built in.
4)YMF? Yamaha Music Finder? That has nothing to do with your pc/mac; that's just a lookup file for a keyboard (that it reads from a USB stick)
I think you'll actually want to get YEM (Yamaha Expansion Manager) to put all sorts of bonus samples and style content on your board.

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thank you all very much for your replies... it helped me understand... i truly appreciate it.. about my last question, i need a yamaha expansion manager on my laptop if i want to load some expansion packs to ny sx 700, right>>>??? the latest version of YEM doesn't support my laptop... is there an easy way to put expansions on my keyboard... or any other applications... thanks for th reply to 900 sounds and styles to put on 700, where do you find these sounds and styles to download..? thanks members..

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You probably need Version 260 of YEM for your laptop. It is for 32or64 Bit.
  Voices from other keyboards can not be loaded into yours.
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