Author Topic: Style Editing - Customising a style by making changes to its elements  (Read 257 times)

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Offline casper

Our Yamaha arrangers come with great styles but there are times when we need to modify them to our liking. For members who are new to this, I am pleased to recommend Casper tutorSynth's informative YouTube videos that provide guides on how to do this and also optimise the use of the keyboards' other features. He is also one of the forum members here by the way.

I was editing a preset style and I found his "Style editing - global and partial setting for each Section" video really helpful.  I tried for hours to change the voice of a style channel (Phrase 2) of only one of the sections (Main D) by first going into the Mixer page before the Style Creator page, but on saving, the change was also applied to all the other sections. I was so frustrated until I learnt from the video that I needed to begin by accessing the Style Creator page first before opening the Mixer to make the change before saving. The Yamaha Reference Manual does not talk about this at all.

For members who are interested in doing something similar, here's the YouTube link: