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General Midi 2.
« on: August 19, 2021, 08:27:28 AM »
Hi all what is the earliest Yamaha Keyboard that would allow me to use GM2? And is there a link to list of Yamaha keyboard and the years they were made.......Thanks

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Re: General Midi 2.
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GM2 has been around since the late 1990s.  There used to be a page on the main PSR website that listed the arranger models over the years and when they were released. But since Joe Waters rearrange the main site so I'm not sure where to find that page.

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Re: General Midi 2.
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Hi shezza,

Tyros1 (from 2002) is already GM2 compatible, as well as PSR-3000/1500 (from 2004) and PSR-S900/S700 (from 2006/2007), in addition to being compatible with XG and GM of course.

Note: PSR-2000/1000 and PSR-2100/1100 (from 2001/2003) are NOT yet GM2 compatible!

You can find the year of the market launch of the various Yamaha arranger keyboard models here:


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