Author Topic: Can I play more variations with EW410 if I use the One Man Band for iOS?  (Read 984 times)

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Offline fantasyvn

Could you pls help me with this question?

I understand that the Yamaha EW410 only has limited numbers of variations when it comes to Intro, Main, Ending.

However, what if I download extra styles and use this keyboard with the One Man Band for iOS.

Since I will touch the Intro/Main/Ending on the One Man Band, does it mean that styles with more variations can still be played on the EW410?

Thank you

Iím not exactly sure but I know at least it only plays Main A and And Main B now it will play two intros and endings. Intro and ending 1 is tied into Main A and Intro and ending 2 is Tird to Main B. Now to the device connected I havenít tied it out before I think it might work usiythe device but not sure. Iím just answering the best I can.