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New Top of the line keyboard.
« on: July 20, 2021, 01:31:59 AM »
Hi everyone a year ago I submitted a new idea to Yamaha about a new type of keyboard 🎹 Hereís the idea. Yamaha AtomicStation. Revised.
Keyboard benefits: 120 weighted piano keys. enough for up to two players. both Single and two player mode available. Two Joysticks and mod/pitch bend wheels on each side of the keyboard can be used in all ways.
Main Benefit: able to play all existing sounds from all Keyboards and Manufatures. Combine both Arranger and Digital workstations. (Used as both Arranger and Digital) All Content and features from all Keyboards will be Included. Or Instead it can be all Yamaha only But it can load any keyboard from any manufacture to use on the Big Keyboard. Programs like DAWS etc will be available just connect a keyboard instrument to any usb port and the instrument will identify the connected keyboard and then options will be available etc.
Benefits of expansion packs: able to create, edit and combine packs without having to use a computure. All File FOrmats cpmpatable .yep .ppi etc.
Megavoices: able to put Super Art! technology into the velocity ranges in the megavoices creating a Super! Megavoice.
Existing voices brass strings vocals can Be adjustable in any indavidual part when creating user voises etc.
Benefits: Accomp Styles: Editing styles is way better than before. now able to access all midi channels they player can edit compose and make it their own.
players that like djing will be able to use a feature that will let them use the huge touch screen as a dj machine. This Benefit is perfect so you don't need a separate dj machine.
Benefits for Voices/Sounds: Voice creator makes a comeback etc, able to also create Megavoices. and Super Art! as their own. Super Art3! will be introduced. Megavoice2! will be introuced. Live2! will be introduced with new technology. ETC.
Benefits of recording: Able to record both oldsckool and traditional. can record cassette, CD and Audio .waw .mp3 etc. any sound format is cpmpatable. a built in cassette and cd recorder will be on the front panel of the keyboard.

TRANSPORTATION: Due to the Keyboards Big Size it a cargo case will be made to transport.on top of any vehicle. However it will fit it most cars as for ragular passenger cars it can fit accross the front to back seats if one person is taking it with them.for cars that don;t havr roof racks. they will have bars that extend out to attach to the roof of the car leagally. Keyboard size 2ftx6ft.
(4-25-17) As we all have seen all professional players that want to play an arranger and digital workstation Keyboard like Yamaha Tyros/Genos All psr arranges and CVP Pianos and Yamaha Motifs Montage korg m50 Kronos Roland etc. Kurzwiel Casio etc. all content from all manufacturers will be included. Now letís combine everything and build a world record keyboard never before seen. We will use all Technology we have to create this Massive Keyboard. It seems Openlabs neko xxl etc. I saw it has computer software which will come in also to bring the software feature etc. but as said the Benefit of this is to combine everything plus additional sounds and features. This keyboard will be packed with software Yamaha music soft ITunes cubase sonar and many more the instrument also has the ability to load install extra softwares to improve the keyboard Video game music and sounds will also be included: Mario Zelda Donkey Kong etc. The keyboard will be available in different color options Black, white, red blue purple pink gold silver bronze green and yellow players can choose what color they like. The Accompaniment Styles will now have more intros mains fill ins a second break fill in and more endings Intro x5 main/ fill ins x6 Break x2 Ending x5. Digital record menu has all together Style creater and editor song creator and editor multi pad creator and etditor Arpeggio Creator and editor. Players can make their own or edit a factory one and save it into the user drive. Another feature with the styles is other sounds can be layered over any style channel for bigger performance also if a standard voice is layered over a Megavoice channel the keyboard style will play it like a Megavoice using new Technology. A never before seen feature as the keyboard can connect to WiFi it can be used as a computer too plus Weather alerts can notify the player while performing etc. The players can get news updates as an option etc. Some of the new voices will be very professional introducing new ones including will be Live! National Choir Live! National Anthem Choir new sounds also include real singers in all Live mega voices super articulation and more. Example: S Art! Kelly Clarkson S Art! Angelica Hale. New Megavoices have vocal and instrumental all in one for example Super! Megavoice! PopHorns& ShooBaaDoo. SuperMegavoice! Spice Girls. Super Megavoice! Kelly Clarkson SuperMegavoice! Darci Lynn Farmer. Super!megavoices also have a ton of real singers as mentioned above etc. Other singers like Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, and Bruno Mars plus many more. Note! Singers that passed away long ago their voices always can be sampled off from existing songs and recordings. Splits and layers will be improved too: now able to layer up to Ten sounds on both right and left hands and yes the left hand can now have layered sounds of any choice. The large 1x2 ft computer monitor size touch screen adjusts inside the keyboard without having to tilt up like the tyros a slightly angled screen can slightly move up and down while hinged in the center. Expansion Packs: better than before the keyboard will accept any format: .yep .ppi etc. Normally yem wonít convert ppi back to ppf but the keyboard now has a feature that will let you do this too. Multiple packs can now be added individually or several at a time. Now loading times will be improved to load very large files in 60 seconds or less if possible. Now another outstanding feature the note polyphony:

originally 128-256 now we can improve it expand it to 1í000í000 to break the world record letís work hard together and make the note polyphony as high as possible also we can add a note polyphony selector which letís players understand what itís about and how it affects the sound when you set it to low vs too high etc. Another new feature in Style creator is you can now import tracks from a midi file and other softwares in the keyboard can do the same thing too but this is the main easy way to do it. Style creator has everything you can think of CASM editor etc. Style channels are originally 8 instrument channels 4 more will be added to increase the capacity for very large styles and midi patterns not all styles and performances will use all of them but several will: Graphics will be improved too also using the existing ones from the Genos/ Tyros5/yem. Improved graphics can now use Real pictures of instruments and people to make the appearance come to life. Able to play a verity of sounds from any keyboard with only one big keyboard workstation. A menu will be available for all players to use they can select sounds styles etc. from any keyboard and manufacturer available Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Openlabs, Kurzwiel, Casio, M-Audio, and many more available. This keyboard is also international too having music from instrument sounds from all over the world will also create new Sweet, cool, Live, Natural, Super Art! And Megavoices and much more. New Revo! Drums will be available to. This keyboard will have way over a Million sounds several hounded thousands or millions of styles songs and performances. Breaking the world record. This keyboard will have 20 knobs and 20 sliders which all are assignable. Lots of Reverb and chorus and dsp effects including the ones from all existing keyboards one hall reverb with be super smooth and long tail calling it Space Atmospheric Hall. Another new feature is battery backup and solar powered. Now if a power source is unavailable or the power is out this feature comes in also a solar panel is built in right behind the music rest. This keyboard is basically designed for experience players but anyone can use it because it also has built in lessons to if sharing with beginners etc. Anyone wants to play with arranger keyboard and digital keyboard workstation so you want to play both then this keyboard will have what you need. Players that want to have keyboards from all manufacturers normally would have to use multiple keyboards which can clutter up space especially very small studios but this keyboard will let you have all that without the clutter. Like said this keyboard combines everything including all vintage keyboards too. Also when saving a Style you can save it in any format SFF also convert any styles to any SFF to use on any existing keyboard any brand/Manufacturer etc. As we know the superknob on the Montage is very incredible and what it can do the Atomicstation will have 2 of them to make the huge keyboard workstation much more useful. The keyboard once again is loaded with software all music software comes onboard. Another new feature is if you connect any existing keyboard to any USB port the keyboard workstation can identify it and use it for creating expansion packs load its content and copy/ move files to them. And this keyboard comes with massive vocoders . The keys will also have a color changing led lights for dark stages and makes the keyboard workstation look more professional also the buttons on the panel are also color changing too. We will come together as a team and make this ultimate keyboard workstation a reality. Another new feature is when the keyboard is turned off it can be set the way so whenever someone turns it back on they can continue where they left off. And now for the headphone jacks additional output will allow the earbuds that go with iPhone 7 and later will fit too . Styles, Songs, And Performances You Can now select two at a time of each but play one at a time so you at least have two favorites already selected for better performance. (3-02-19).Update on the voices: there will be huge Megavoices called Atomicvoices there like Megavoices but they have a ton of more sounds spread into different velocity settings. And some

will have Super Art! Too called SuperAtomicVoices! Example SuperAtomicVoice! PopHorns, PopShooBop, KinoStrings Set1. Conclusion: I wanted to impress the world of music by inventing this improved keyboard to combine everything as the main benefit. As we work very hard as a multi manufacturer team all manufacturers business will also improve too. (Kind

Regards Kevin Naderi.)

Re: New Top of the line keyboard.
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And since I submitted it I never herd back I did a provisional patent for protection and I know that was over a year ago I never herd back at all

Re: New Top of the line keyboard.
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Re: New Top of the line keyboard.
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The high notes will be very very high, and the low notes will be very very low. Human ears can not  hear them.

Re: New Top of the line keyboard.
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I totally understand that too but the idea is there are many features to accommodate peopleís needs. Yamaha can instead make it only88 keys as another idea.

Re: New Top of the line keyboard.
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The high notes will be very very high, and the low notes will be very very low. Human ears can not  hear them.
Not necessarily. I have experimented with my MIDI sequencer, and even though I wasn't able to tell what the notes were from listening to them, I was able to hear the sounds.

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Re: New Top of the line keyboard.
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I am not convinced this idea is entirely serious 🙂

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Re: New Top of the line keyboard.
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You would never get a patent because someone has been there done thatÖÖ.

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It is Serious. I have Aspergers syndrum. I have explained this to the best of my Ability.

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Re: New Top of the line keyboard.
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That would be one mighty devil of a keyboard! You are very creative!
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Re: New Top of the line keyboard.
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Yes Defenenly. espacially since it will contain every single Yamaha sound including many new ones. plus Fetures. 120 keys would be a new record. and would be an amazing performance machine.

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And I surely believe this keyboard idea will be a Big Boss.😎😎

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Re: New Top of the line keyboard.
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And an equally ridiculous price tag.
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Re: New Top of the line keyboard.
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Congratulations! It's a good project for the year 3000!
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Re: New Top of the line keyboard.
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😎 Imagine what 1,000,000 notes of polyphony would make the keyboard sound. I bet the styles and performance will sound better then on the genos