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My Gear: Yamaha PSR S970, AKAI MPK Mini, Kontakt Kontrol Komplete, Presonus CS18 Ai, Presonus RLM 16 AI and AVB Presonus Switch with Presonus 5.3 S1.

I want to Synch/Start/Stop/Record Studio one 5.3 with Yamaha PSR S970 to be able to (S1, or Yamaha Clock controlled) Sequence/Record sequenced Audio & Midi Data from External Synth i.e Yamaha PSR S970.

Seen following Videos from Gregor.
1. Working with External Instruments in Studio One 5 #S1withGregor

2. How to set up MIDI Keyboards and Controllers #S1withGregor

Any PSR Owner able to record Audio Channel (one channel at time, Midi Sync Clock with External DAW As Studio one ) at a time,  So 16 tracks can be recorded on 16 different channels of DAW (AUDIO CHANNELS/TRACKS)?

This can be done with Midi Sync with external DAW with AUDIO output as AUX from Yamaha Keyboard together at the Same time. but i am unable to achieve it yet.  :-\

Pressing Start/Stop or any Buttons on Yamaha Triggers Multiple buttons/actions on studio one.

Please help if anyone has done this before on STUDIO ONE (Any Versions)

I asked this Question from Presonus Support and this was their Response

Hi Saaim,

Thanks for contacting PreSonus Support.

You may want to set up the keyboard as a control surface as well as a keyboard if the keyboard will support HUI or Mackie control modes. You will want to consult the user manual for the keyboard or the manufacturer's support team to check that.

Here are the instructions for setting up a control surface:

To set up a Control Surface, do the following:
In the Options/External Devices menu (macOS: Preferences/External Devices, click on the [Add...] button.
Choose your device from the predefined device list. Set this to New Control Surface if you do not see your device in the list. If set to New Control Surface, you may wish to type in a Manufacturer Name and a Device Name in the appropriate fields. This makes identifying the Control Surface easier.
Specify the device to which the Control Surface is sending and the device from which it is receiving via Studio One. Select your MIDI device driver name from the drop-down menu for both Receive From and Send To.
You do not need to specify the MIDI channels your Control Surface should use, as control surfaces use alternative protocols, such as Mackie Control, to communicate with Studio One.
Your Control Surface is now ready for use in Studio One.
For more information on using Mackie Control devices with Studio One, see Mackie Control.

If this is not a viable set up then you will have to try manually depressing play/stop buttons on both devices.

You may also be able to export the MIDI files from the keyboard's sequencer, if it has one, and import those into Studio One and then you will need to assign them sounds and instruments.

Best Regards,

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Hallo Saaim,

I donít use Studio one so I canít help but I can share my own experience. A very similar problem with MIDI Sync exists with Cubase. I couldnít start recording with the keyboard, I had to press REC in Cubase itself. They suggest the same solution in the answer you received from Studio One.

This is one of the reasons why I use Cakewalk, it can be recorded in the way you expect. Watch this video.

regards casper

Offline saaimabrar

Thanks Casper,
You nailed it. Good to hear from Yamaha Community. Will i be able to record AUDIO and Midi together from Yamaha PSR to Cakewalk on 16 different Channels (Audio and midi) using Cake Walk. Basically i want to use Yamaha Sounds from External Source (PSR) into DAW and use Software VST where appropriate and deem fit/needed.
My Second biggest dilemma is Sequencing on Yamaha PSR S970 Keyboard its.  Step Recording in YAMAHA with  STYLES (Accompaniment), not enough learning Resources available on internet (Atleast i couldnt find much). How to Sequence complete song using accompaniment (fix the chords timings/Various Fillins on multiple measures-Bars)
Wish there was a Good Video tutorial available by Yamaha (again not enough online resources available to learn how to make best use of PSR S970 recording features. 3 to 5 minutes video for basic recording by Yamaha is like a JOKE isnt it)
Is there anyway you can record mutiple channels with Auto Accompaniments that also gives you the power to fix the chords timings, fillins and etc etc later on. Also should be able to add additional tracks apart from tracks already in use by Accompaniments.
We can make use of this keyboard to a professional scale if we know how to make use of it in a right manner.

Best Regards

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Song Recording in the keyboard has only basic functions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to subsequently change or add chords if the song was recorded using Style. It is also not possible to add new songs to those in the Song Recorder. For complex MIDI operations and processing, I recommend working with DAW.

You can record one song on the keyboard and then transfer it to DAW for processing or you can record everything directly in DAW as I described in the video. This will give you 16 MIDI channels. If the keyboard is properly connected to the computer (USB MIDI drivers installed), everything you do in DAW you will hear on the keyboard with its sounds. Of course, you can assign a different audio source like VST instruments to each MIDI channel.

You can also record Audio channels in the same project. To do this, you need to have an Audio interface (music card) and add a new audio track to the project.

Offline saaimabrar

Thanks Casper Once again
Music Card you mean External Audio interface Right ... I have Presonus RM-16AI if this is what you meant for music Card. If not please can you elaborate what is music Card. With External Audio Interface we can record one channel at a time (Yamaha Keyboard Connected to input L and INPUT R ) and being an audio channel it can not be split into 16 separate channels unless we send audio channels one by one from the keyboard into the DAW through external Sound Audio Interface .
Please let me know if thats right. Because i will be recording Sounds from External Yamaha PSR Via Audio link (Ext Synth connected with RM 16Ai through AUX Cables) as well as some midi notes (VIA USB connected directly to PC) for VST layering into DAW.


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You got it right. We can only record one audio stereo channel because the PSR has only one output, MAIN L and R.
We can say that the Presonus RM-16AI is also a audio interface (music card, sound card), although it is much more, it can be used as a multi-channel recorder or audio mixer. When I mentioned the audio interface, I meant something simpler like the Presonus AudioBox USB 96 or the Stainberg UR22 MK2.

I see you know the difference between the MIDI data we record over a USB MIDI connection and the audio signal we record over the Audio interface. MIDI data is most commonly used for drum, bass, string or piano channels. You can listen to them with instruments from the PSR but a better option is to put VST instruments. You can process MIDI data in DAW later, but you cannot do this with Audio tracks. You will additionally record vocals or, say, acoustic guitars on them.
All of this is some kind of global approach, and itís up to you how and what you use. If you have any specific questions, I will be happy to answer them.