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Re: Does anyone know about the PSR E-473 Yet.
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As for menu-diving on the E400 series, as compared to the Korg EK50, though I have no hands-on experience with the Korg, when I look at the pictures of its control panel, I really don't see what this is about.  Yes, I can see direct push-buttons to turn on and off the three right-hand parts and the split/left hand part, as well as the style parts, but I do not see any direct controls to change the volume or octave of these parts.  Direct buttons for overall octave and transposition are there, which is good.  But other than that, I don't see a major difference in regard to the Yamaha E400 series.  At least the E433 on up has direct buttons to turn on and off the dual and split voices, and there are direct buttons to turn on and off parts of an auto-accompaniment style.  And remember, for deeper editing of the sounds, all you have to do is hit and hold down a particular button for certain features, and then the keyboard automatically jumps to the correct part of the menu list of functions, reducing the need to scroll through dozens of parameters to find what you want.  Like if you want to change the dual voice octave, you just hit and hold down the dual voice button for a couple seconds, and then it is just a couple button presses from there to get to the dual voice octave function.  Admittedly, they don't have this explicitly available for the main voice, but you can either hold down dual voice button, then just step backwards through the functions to go into the main voice parameters, or use one of the other functions (it might be style volume, but I'm not sure), that is only a couple clicks away from the main voice parameters.

Hi there!  The EK-50 user interface is amazing.  To change a relative voice volume layer, hold the button for the layer, spin the knob, the display will show your volume going up and down.  Same for a relative accompaniment part volume; hold the button spin the knob.  Same for a backing track relative volume; hold button, spin knob.  Same for BPM of metronome or rhythm; hold shift button, spin knob.   To octave shift a voice layer, hold the layer and hit the octave shift button. 

No menu deep diving at all, it's a brilliantly thought out interface.  As a matter of fact if you do go into the equivalent of the PSR series (massive) "function" menu, there are only a handful of entries, none of which are things you need often (specifying battery type etc).

Go to 9:09 in my review if you want to go straight to the user interface section. 
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Re: Does anyone know about the PSR E-473 Yet.
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I agree that this sounds convenient, but still not truly direct, as holding down a button and then spinning the knob at the same time still requires you to use both hands at the same time.  And like I said, it's really not all that different than many of the PSR-E400-series functions, where you hold down a particular button to get to the function parameters related to that button, such as dual voice or split voice, then only have to tap the function-select button one or two times to get to the commonly used level and octave settings, then simply turn the knob (or use the plus and minus keys) to adjust the parameter.  Certainly, it's still not something you'd generally do during live playing, but it's not like you have to start from the beginning of a long list of functions and step through dozens of functions to get to what you want.

The EK-50 seems to be equivalent to the older PSR-530 to PSR-740 type keyboards, in that there are hundreds of (presumably) high quality sounds, and many effects that can be applied, but with no synthesizer type editing, such as filter or envelope generator.  I am curious, does the EK-50 have portamento, either as a selectable function or built in to some synthesizer sounds?
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Re: Does anyone know about the PSR E-473 Yet.
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I had an EK-50. Voices and adjustments were great. Lovely keybed. Choosing voices 'on the fly' meant using both hands. Downside was the loading of additional styles which have to be loaded in sets of six (Korg Set Lists). The on board Effects, apart from Reverb' I found were not much use and there was no 'panning.'
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Re: Does anyone know about the PSR E-473 Yet.
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Agreed! i also Believe that the psr E473/ew425 could launch any day now even during the holidays. We might get Surprised.