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Iím just curious if all Yamaha keyboards that have a usb interface. My aunt has a ypg 235. Iím curious even very old Yamaha keyboards too.

PSR-E203 (15 November 2004)
PSR-E213 (11 October 2006)
PSR-E223 (30 June 2008)
PSR-E233 (26 August 2010)
PSR-E243 (28 June 2012)
PSR-E253 (1 January 2014)
PSR-E263 (29 March 2016)
PSR-E273 (1 January 2020)
PSR-E303 (15 November 2004)
PSR-E313 (21 August 2006)
PSR-E323 (30 June 2008)
PSR-E333 (6 August 2010)
PSR-E343 (28 June 2012)
PSR-E353 (29 September 2014)
PSR-E363 (31 August 2016)
PSR-E373 (26 February 2020)
PSR-E403 (17 November 2005)
PSR-E413 (10 October 2007)
PSR-E423 (1 May 2009, with touch response)
PSR-E433 (28 December 2011)
PSR-E443 (2 September 2013)
PSR-E453 / PSR-EW400 (17 September 2015, Stadium Rock is first style, SurfRock, BeachRock, CanadianRock, ChartPianoPop, 70sRock added in 8Beat, New Style Collection is Movie & Show and 38 styles including WildWest, Showtune and TapDanceSwing, etc. in Movie & Show and Another Style collection is Entertainer and 34 styles in Entertainer)
PSR-E463 / PSR-EW410 (17 April 2017, 758 high quality voices with 1 sample voice for sampling, 235 styles, 30 built in songs, 10 user songs, 8 banks with 4 registrations, and groove generator) The EW410 offers 76 keys and features phono jacks for connecting external powered speakers. The E463 has 61 keys. and all psr s sx and tyros genos. I think all yamaha keyboards that hjave usb interface.

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A lot of the older keyboards had a floppy disk Drive.

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Hi Keyboard Master,

As far as I know, all Yamaha arranger keyboard models that have a USB-to-host interface are compatible with the "MusicSoft Manager" app and the Windows program "MusicSoft Downloader". (For the latter, the Windows USB-MIDI Driver should be installed.)

For models that do not have a USB-to-device terminal to connect a USB flash drive (only USB-to-host), this is the only option to save instrument data externally or to copy external data to the User drive of the instrument.

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