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Registrations and playlist used in Mobilesheets
« on: May 13, 2021, 12:52:33 PM »

My system is not complete as a lot of styles for registrations are missing,(it loads SKYPOP if STYLE is Missing) I can tell you my process:-

1 Get the book needed to add in PDF form
2 Extract the index page to a text file (I use Nitro Pro) Edit the mistakes the mis reads
3 import that txt file to excel (that is all the titles of the book) ID,Title,Pages,Keys,Artist,Albums,Sources,Years (8 Cells at ROW 1)
4 add the Fields for an import for mobilesheets
5 Adjust the page numbers to represent the page numbers from the book (sometimes they don't tally with the imported txt file)i.e. A1-2 to give the correct page number
6 use the A1-2 in one cell - in another then A2-1(to give the last page number of the song)
7 use the function CONCATENATE the 3 cells into one (page start - page end) i.e 3-4
8 copy that cell to the pages Field in the excel spreadsheet
9 Now we have the correct title and page start and finish copy to other cells till all songs have correct title and page start - finish
10 save as a CSV file
11 I have 1000 blank registrations on my hard disk so I create a folder of the book, in that folder I create a folder called regs and copy the amount needed into the book folder/Regs
12 I use a program called bulkrename this will rename the blank registation names (001st.reg) to the correct title names but first I need to make a text file with the correct parameters
13 open a CMD box in windows and get the directory of the Book folder (highlight it in file explorer) copy it
14 Type CD and past the Directory from file Explorer
15 type DIR > dir1.txt to create a txt file listing the files in that directory
16 open the dir1.txt file in Excel and delete all the irrelevant cells just leaving the 001.reg cells
17 copy the title names from the book.csv into the next column
18 save this new file as dir2.csv
19 in file explorer change the extension from .csv to .txt
20 edit that file and replace all , with | (next to the z key)
21 save file
22 open bulk rename and under  Action tab select import rename pairs and select dir2.txt
23 in bulk rename put rgt into the extension box at the bottom right of the screen
24 press the rename button to rename all the 001.rgt file to the song title
25 all registrations should have the correct name but ALL of them will Be BLANK registrations
26 Connect the Genos to the PC using TO HOST connection at the back of the Genos (Squarish socket)
27 switch Genos on whilst holding the PLAYLIST button (This puts it into USB mode)
28 Genos USB drive Should show up in File Explorer
29 open 2 File explorer windows side by side
30 highlight the Genos REGISTRATION folder in one and the Book/regs folder in the other
32 click in the title of the song to highlight it and right click to copy the name
33 paste in the other File Explorer windows search box and it will search all the registrations
34 if it finds a registration with that name or part of that name copy it to a new folder in the book/regs (books/regs/new folder)
35 repeat until all songs have been searched and copied into books/regs/new folder
36 in File Explorer select the book/regs folder in one window and books/regs/new folder in the other
37 Make sure both names are spelt the same if not highlight the one in books/regs folder and copy the name (not the file) and paste it over the name in books/regs/new folder
38 once all names are the same Highlight ALL the files in books/regs/new folder and MOVE (hold the shift key) to the other window books/regs
39 copy the book/regs folder to the Genos usb/registrations folder (your Still in USB mode so should see all the Genos folders)
39 Switch the Genos off and boot up normally
40 press the PLAYLIST button and select new
41 Select LIST then navigate to you Genos registration/book/regs and select all then ADD
42 Press Save and save the playlist as the book title (it should save with all the correct registrations named as song titles)
43 Next is the MobileSheets connection so if REGS and PLAYLIST is all that is needed STOP here
44 load Mobilesheets up connect the GENOS the Same way as before but DO NOT hold the PLAYLIST button in
45 Have the CSV file from step 10 and the PDF file of the book
46 In Mobilesheets use the import tab to import the CSV file from step 10 choose Standard file picker
47 Choose the Book.Pdf file that's being used
48 Select all songs or tick the ones needed
49 load The PLAYLIST created in step 42
50 select the first song
51 in Mobilesheets select the same song as the PLAYLIST song and right click to EDIT tab appears
52 select edit then select the MIDI tab
53 select the LINK Icon (looks like a chain) the name of the registration should show if not delete it choose another song in the PLAYLIST then come back to the original one
54 repeat from step 50 until all songs are done

All Songs from the Book should be connected via PDF REGS and PLAYLIST IT will load the corresponding item no matter what you choose.

This seems a lot of steps but can reduce the time for a Fake Book with 1000 Songs

At the time of writing this I have 13992 songs in my setup a lot of repeat songs within different books and a lot of missing styles but these tend to be the songs I do not know so will probably not play.

I have not shared these files as they will not be of use unless you have the relevant STYLES and PDF files CSV files Can be shared as this could save time I have over 200 of these(some with Mistakes)

I used Yamaha Registration Manager program to convert the REGS for my setup

Link for some example files used in SX600 thread

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