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Hi Guys,

I am puzzled by the sound of the  LEFT single finger chord sound.  With the same voices, the RIGHT chord sound is softer than the single finger LEFT chord (ACMP ON, but no Style Accompaniment).  The leading edge of the LEFT sound sounds like the Keyboard is being hit hard.  It is difficult to find words to convey the differences in sound. But, they clearly are very different.  I feel like I am missing something very basic here.

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Hi Tom,

what you hear in the Style control section of the keyboard when ACMP is ON but the Style is STOPPED has nothing to do with the Left Voice. This function is called "Stop Accompaniment":

On the SX700, please go to "Menu > Style Settings > Settings > Stop ACMP". You have three options there: Off, Style and Fixed. When set to "Fixed" you will hear a Bass and a Pad sound that is always the same for all Styles. When set to "Style", the Voices of the Bass and Pad Part of the current Style are used. If you want to hear the Left Voice you have to switch off ACMP, or set the Left Split Point to a higher note than the Style Split Point. Then you can play the Left Voice in the keyboard section between the Style Control section and the Right section.

To be complete: You can't use the "Single Finger" chord notes for the Left Voice. The only way is setting"Stop ACMP" function to "Style" and revoicing the Bass and Pad Parts of the Style used with the desired Voices.

The SX700 Reference Manual (page 12) says:

When the [ACMP] button is turned on and the [SYNC START] button is off, you can play chords in
the chord section of the keyboard with the Style stopped, and still hear the accompaniment chord.
In this condition—called “Stop Accompaniment”—any valid chord fingerings are recognized and
the chord root/type are shown in the Style area of the Home display. Here, you can determine
whether the chord played in the chord section will sound or not in the Stop Accompaniment status.
Off: The chord played in the chord section will not sound.
Style: The chord played in the chord section will sound via the Voices for the Pad channel and the
Bass channel of the selected Style.
Fixed: The chord played in the chord section will sound via the specified Pad/Bass channels’
Voices, regardless of the selected Style.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,
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