Author Topic: SX900 and SX700 Instrument definitions files for Cakewalk by Band Lab / Sonar  (Read 3257 times)

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Hi ... I have created instrument definition files for use with the DAW now called Cakewalk By Bandlab (formerly known as Sonar) for the SX900 and SX700.

These new definitions were updated from a S900 definition file I found on Jørgen Sørensen's Yamaha Resource site many years ago. Thanks to the original author.

Over the years, information found on Jorgen's website and this PSRTutorial website has greatly enhanced my knowledge of Yamaha arranger keyboards.

As a small token of my appreciation, I would like to share these 2 instrument definition files for the SX900 and SX700 (for the subset of users using these keyboards with Cakewalk).

I will ask Jorgen if he will add these files to his collection for long term availability.

In the meanwhile, I have a link to the files (zipped up) here ...!AsbwHbSQggqBlSzqW8NidglWJKZ8?e=77lR8V

This link will be deactivated by the end of March 2020.

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Offline rikkisbears

Thank you Dale,
I don’t actually have cakewalk, but I think cakewalk files can be converted to Band in a Box instrument patches,
if so , they will be invaluable to me.

Let you know how I go.
Best wishes

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thanks, thanks, thanks .....for .ins files
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Thank you so much, Dale, for your great job ! :)


Offline daleSP

You're welcome.

Jorgen S. now has these files on his website ... so they will live on "forever"  ;)

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Great work @DaleSP, I hoped that that file could imported/converted in Cubase. But that's not possible (for a puter-dummy as I am), so have to wait until Yamaha publishes the SX900 XML file, as they did for the Genos. Hope they do it as they own Cubase as well.
My best regards,
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Offline daleSP

Hi ... I have updated the Cakewalk instrument definition file to add a new bank of sounds I found in the GM2 section of the keyboard. These sounds are just sound effects.

The updated files are in the same link as above.


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Hi Dale,
I click on the linked above, but I could not find the  SX900 and SX700 Instrument definitions files for Cakewalk by Band Lab / Sonar
please, help me out, I really needed the files sx900.ins
Thanks in advance

Offline ckobu

On this link you have the ins file of the SX900.
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