Author Topic: MFC10 Foot Control Not Sending Expression Messages  (Read 3562 times)

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MFC10 Foot Control Not Sending Expression Messages
« on: January 13, 2021, 04:27:56 PM »

I have connected the MIDI out of MFC 10 to PSR-A3000 which is connected to iMac via USB. I have programmed MFC 10, foot control to send cc 11 ( expression).
However, When I move on the foot control it doesn't send any midi messages. I am monitoring it using a MIDI monitor app on iMac.

The MIDI Preset on PSR is All Parts. According to the manual of MFC 10

Status Second Third
BnH 0BH vvH

I have set:
n = 0 ( channel 1)
vv = 127 on MFC10.

Am I doing anything wrong?

I noticed that one cannot send expression via joystick ( live control) and foot or Keyboard panel as there is no option in the function list ( Articulation 1, ... OST-).

My goal is to send cc 11 to Kontakt 5 from a controller.

So this is not possible and should I use another approach?

PS. I can do it with Touch OSC.