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Songbook+ & Registration & PSR SX900
« on: May 18, 2021, 10:48:20 PM »
Hello all,

Please your help and support with the following,

I started to use (pre-evaluate) the Songbook plus app, I’m just in the learning phase and trying to understand and recognize all the benefits and utilities mentioned by some of the members of our group that uses this app, probably it could help me organize all my lyrics and musical sheets.

I downloaded the Songbook plus app to my iPhone, also downloaded a couple of music sheets and their respective song lyrics in a txt format. I read all the documentation in order to familiarize with the app and construct good foundations.

So far, I made a songbook (song file) that presents the lyrics when opening the file, works real fine, I also included an optional mp3 file, just for the exercise, and appreciate that it works all together fine. I also managed to link this songbook file, using the “link” feature, with a Registration file in my Psr sx900 via a Bluetooth adapter. The Registratation file is very simple, has included a midi file(song), some voices (for each memory/button), tempo and a transpose option por the keyboard. (The registration, midi file, text (lyrics), and songbook all have the same name, “xyx”

Works fine when I select the Registration in the keyboard, it opens the text lyrics in the Songbook in my iPhone, viceversa works ok to, If I open the file in the Songbook, it also brings the Register bank in the keyboard with its midi file linked, ready to be played.

My question and my doubts is: I haven’t being able to make start playing the midi file in the keyboard (psr sx900) when pressing the play button in the corresponding Songbook+  sheet, the same thing when starting or playing the midi file in the keyboard, it doesn’t start advancing or playing in the songbook + lyrics.

I have tried to include midi  commands, ctrls etc, in the songbook file in “at open, at start” etc but without any results. What am I missing? I’m not an expert in programming with midi commands so I’m lost. What is the posible solution?

Thanks for your help  :P


👍🏻 Don't worry be happy!