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Offline Whino

My eyes are not so good nowadays and some of the music I have is very small.

I know you can get A4 sized monitors which will display PDF music but they are very expensive.

Does anyone know how to adapt a computer monitor so this can be done? Is it possible to do soemthing similar with the Tyros built in screen?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks

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Hi Whino,

You can connect a computer monitor to the Tyros5, but only lyrics contained in MIDI files or text files (.txt) can be displayed there. To display PDF files you need either a standard computer (e.g. a PC or Mac) or an iPad, Android tablet or Windows tablet.

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Offline Rick D.

Hi Whino,

I was having the same problem. As Chris mentioned, there is no way to do what you want to do with a computer monitor. The best way in my opinion is to buy an iPad Pro which is just about A4 size.
Get an app called Songbook +, scan all your sheet music to PDF if it isn't already digital, upload them into Songbook+ and you will be able to see it fine. I also got myself a wall mounted movable arm support for the iPad so I can move it to within 6 inches of my nose if need be. I attached a picture to show you. You can also get a Bluetooth air pedal that will turn the pages forward and backwards without moving your hands.

If you need more info just ask.

Rick D.

Offline Whino

Thank you very much for your help Chris and Rick

I'm going to look into this. It sounds (and looks), exactly what I need

Can you advise on a good way to convert my sheet music to PDF files?

I have a large number but most are not in songbooks luckily
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Offline pieterpan

Hi Whino,

Try OpenText software - it connect songtext or leadsheets to your registrations. I use it from the start and works fine to me.

Regards <> Piet
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Easy solution is to use a standard laptop with the music displayed in PDF format, or any word processing format, and a rolling wheel mouse. Just bring up the music, press down on the rolling wheel of the mouse and position the pointer slightly below the original position. The PC will slowly scroll down the displayed sheet music and allow you to scroll as fast or slow as you wish.

Gary 8)
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Offline Rick D.

Songbook+ allows a few different formats including JPG, but PDF is the best quality.

Rick D.

Offline kaimei19

MobileSheets from Zubersoft manages manual and auto scrolling very well - if you use Windows or Android. Many options for setting scrolling parameters, how much to scroll at a time, speed of scrolling, length of pause between scrolls, scrolling across multiple pages, scrolling to match the time to play a song. Scroll settings can be set for each individual score - it's extremely configureable.  For more information download the manual from Zubersoft.  I personally don't use this feature because my screen is large enough to display one page at a time, and I advance pages with a bluetooth pedal.


Offline XeeniX

Being legally blind myself I'd say a laptop by itself and or tablet or iPad at least for me wasn't working. Still too small. Opentext could be part of the solution but to me it would only be helpful if I would quickly needed to open sheet music which I do not. Thus Opentext becomes a more trouble than it's worth paragraph. No offence intended towards the creator of this tool btw!

My solution was:

Buy a cheap lcd HD ready TV (resolution is 1360x768) Not only are these tv's very cheap (below 200 euros here in the EU) but due to it's lower resolution all things (like pictograms and such) stay big and still sharp and clear. On a HD tv the resolution will be much higher and everything you see on it is way smaller (it will become unsharp ad vague when you lower it's resolution.

The HD ready LCD tv can be connected to a computer nearby or a laptop if you like with a HDMI cable which is also not that expensive. Too operate turning pages while playing you can go look for something called a footmouse. I use FOXIT as pdf viever btw it is free and can be setup to open each pdf in  2 pages full screen view to make better (more efficient) use of the screen. With teh foot mouse you can scroll or go to the next page(s). Other plus side of HD ready is that these tv's most of the time also have the other monitor connector types like DVI or even VGA if your pc or laptop is older. SO maybe this can be a perfect 2nd live for that old laptop you tugged away for backup ;)

I hope that was of any help?
Peter  8)

Offline repetedj


I use a 15.6 inch touchscreen monitor that is attached as a second monitor to my laptop. The monitor is mounted in front of the T5 music stand. I use MobileSheets software using Windows 10.
While the music is displayed on the monitor, I can use the laptop as well for other tasks. The monitor was around $200. Wimaxit is the brand.