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Styles #15
« on: January 22, 2021, 08:03:21 PM »
I am pleased to announce that I have pulled together another resource collection, Styles #15.  Styles that have appeared on the web site or in the forum in the past year or so are in this collection.  Regular forum readers (and downloaders) will have many of the resources, but few members really manage to keep up with all the new collections, conversions, updates, and revisions.  Well, here they are.  For more info on this new collection look here:

Note that the price of Styles #14 has been reduced as well as the prices of Styles Library #1 and #2 and the Styles Collection offering.  I think my next project will be a second MIDI Library collection.
-- Joe Waters
PSR Performer Page
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Re: Styles #15
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2021, 08:47:38 PM »
I like the song-based styles to give me a quick style for a song I might want to play.  Since I have an 809XL oops, wrong category, (I had an Atari 800XL), an 809CVP, and have converted all all available MFD's from the 409 and above to playlists,  there may not be alot of quality song-styles accesible to me.   The Fake Books have MFDs but I think I would have to transform them to CVP, and I'm not that obsessed yet.
Thanks Joe for this comprehensive web-site.
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Re: Styles #15
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2021, 09:00:54 PM »
Thank you Joe for assembling yet another superb collection of Styles - 624 MB of goodies, representing over 13,000 styles in 370 folders. Where elsewhere would one meet such a wonderful asset for so little cash? (That's a rhetorical question).

Thanks again, Alan
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Re: Styles #15
« Reply #3 on: March 03, 2021, 07:06:02 PM »
Thank you!

This should keep people busy during Covid time!
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