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Hello all,
I'm a total beginner with keyboards and I have a question (actually more than one...) about user songs and the difference between them and the midi songs SMF files I can transfer to the instrument from a PC.
For the time being I own a second-hand PSR-E333 so that a very basic instrument.

What I've understood is that I can record and save up to 5 user songs with style variations etc... into memory slots 103-107.
Then the manual says I can upload into the flash memory of the instrument up to 256 more songs from a computer (to memory slots 108 -->)

Now my point is:
a) do these 256 midi songs transferred from a PC (memory slots 108 -->) remain available in the instrument also after power off?
b) since these songs are just midi files, will they keep program change information (i.e. style change/fill-in/variations ecc..) or other information (ie. tempo) as long as I record all of this during the recording? (I have in mind to record these songs myself, upload them to a PC and then transfer them back again to the instrument to the flash memory slots 108 -->)
c) when I re-play one of these songs, will I be able to normally play the keyboard (left and right parts) on top of it, with ACMP etc..., using the styles previously recorded in the song itself?

In short my idea is to record in advance a number of songs, just playing the styles, doing the fill-ins, changing style type and parts during the recording etc... and then use these songs as a rhythm/style background while playing the keyboard, just caring about chords, ACMP and melodies, but not having to worry anymore about any pre-recorded rhythm parts. Added value is that by doing so I can basically merge and mix parts from different styles (intros, main a/b etc...) and create a whole new palette of possibilities/combinations instead of being stuck with just intro + main A + main B parts for any song. And my left hand can be used to change main voices and effects in real time and not doing style fill-ins and variations (yeah I'm quite a dummy). But I'm afraid I will not able to use style ACMP during the playback... that's the point, nor that these midi songs will be available after power off (no way I will want to transfer them from a PC any time I turn on the keyboard...)

I'm sure I can do all of this with the 5 user songs I can record and assign to memory slots 103-107 but absolutely non sure (and probably it won't work) if also the additional 256 midi songs will work the same way (probably not... but I'm just giving it a try).

Hope this sounds clear and apologies for any confusion... Thanks!

I don't think you will be able to quite achieve what you want, because the recorded songs will be static and fixed so would not be very flexible, unlike playing along with a running style.

In any case, yes the songs you load up from the computer will stay in the flash memory. You are limited to about 1.5MB or so in total which is not that much. These uploaded songs will behave in the same way as the ones you record on the keyboard in terms of what you can play "live" along with them, and embedded control changes, so give it a shot and see.

Thanks Derek,
yes I know a midi song is fixed so that you cannot improvise or modify it, differently than playing with styles, but as you said, as long as I can play a midi song with auto ACMP and chords behind just like normal styles... maybe it's worth giving a try!

Do you (or any other member) know more or less how big it could be a .smf file where only styles (without chords/music, just the rhythm) are recorded, including some program change/variations? Say a standard 3 minutes cover song. Do the PSR rhythm parts "eat" many resources themselves? Just to understand how many of these 256 flash memory song slots I could think I can use.

Thanks again!

I think your best bet is to just give it a go and see how it works out :)

for those who might be interested... my trick doesnít work, for a number of reasons.
First, it seems that you cannot play with auto ACMP during midi song playback, which is the biggest blocking issue, second, you cannot change style selection during midi song recording, but just do variations, and it seems that program change messages for the main voice are not recorded too. Which makes the whole things unuseful (no added value compared to normal style playing..)
All of this assuming I didnít make any mistake of course.
No prob!  :)
Thanks Derek and thanks the forum for this opportunity


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